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  • Control Faction And The Imperial Way Analysis

    Imperial Way differ in many ways, they both share some common goals. Both of these groups agreed that the politicians of Japan and the zaibatsu leaders were corrupt, and they wanted to end it. They wanted to have more of a focus on their military, and thought it was very important to increase the budget for it. Along with increasing the budget, they wanted to use the military to expand Japan and take advantage of the new land and resources acquired. They wanted to expand into Manchuria and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Maritime Security Issues

    unfamiliar with the problem, oftentimes wonder why these is so much animosity between countries such as China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula over “islands”. The Senkaku/Diaoyu island dispute between China and Japan is perhaps the most well known, while the Tsushima/Daemado island dispute between Japan and the Korean peninsula is a close second. The island disputes in the South China Sea between Japan, China and South East Asia is perhaps understood even less by most westerners. Most of these…

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  • The Importance Of The Heian Period In The Tales Of Genji

    The Heian Period, was a period of both chaos and beauty. Marked with the decline of the imperial family, and the rise of the Fujiwara Regency, the Heian period was filled with dramatic shifts of power, and the emergence of new political and economic powers. While literature and the arts prospered in court, as seen with the Tales of Genji, greed and manipulation also bled throughout. From the rise of the imperial statehood, and to the dominance of the aristocracy, the Heian Period was muddled…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of East Korea

    Korea was regarded by westerners as the Hermit Kingdom. In similar vein as their close neighbors to the east, Japan, who practiced Sakoku, or Isolation, Korea emulated a similar isolation. Though Korea was highly strict and in constant refusal for having any form of dialogue with westerners, they still maintaining relationships with China as a tributary state and friendly relations with Japan at the time. Though, there were some Koreans like Yi Hangno, a fierce supporter of the isolation policy,…

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  • Naomi By Henry Ship Analysis

    After Meiji Restoration, Japan had almost completed its modernization stage. During its modernism period, the flourish of mass media brought various doctrines and ideologies into Japanese people minds namely Capitalism, Marxism, and Militarism. Compared with the literature written in Meiji Restoration era, the ideology of Success Advancement now was not main focusing point as before. In my opinion, the reason is that after Meiji Restoration, Japanese people gained the confidence on their rapid…

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  • A Small Role In Marie Antoinette's Life

    ANTOINETTE AND MARIE THERESA There are a lot of movies made about Marie Antoinette’s life. Even more, there are a lot of manga and anime made about her in Japan. However, we’ll focus on a very popular movie (which won a lot of awards too!). Marie Antoinette (2006) starts when Marie is send to France to be married to Louis at the age of fourteen. After this moment the movies shows how her life developed from there. Her mother, Marie Theresa, also plays a small role in this movie. We’ll both…

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  • Fear Drive My Feet Analysis

    Peter Ryan recounts his unique story about living and exercising reconnaissance missions on the island of New Guinea in his personal memoir Fear Drive My Feet. Always fearing Japanese attack, Ryan had to tread carefully while gathering intelligence and interacting with the native peoples of New Guinea. While on the island, Ryan was given a variety of different tasks including, delivering messages, communicating with the locals, and commenting on Japanese movements. Fear Drive My Feet is a war…

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  • Embattled Dreams Chapter Summary

    World War II made sure that the United States of America would rise as the next world power, but it also affected several states like California. In the chapter, “Wartime Growth and Problems,” of California: An Interpretive History, written by James J. Rawls and Walton Bean, it includes a chapter that talks about growth during the war. One of the sources that the textbook used in the chapter is Kevin Starr’s, Embattled Dreams, which goes into depth about California during the Second World War II…

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  • Manchuria East Asia Essay

    Japanese supremacy in Korea, oversaw the transition of Russian holdings in Manchuria (Liaodong leases, railroads, etc.) to Japan, and the transfer of the Southern half of Sakhalin Island to Japan. But that was only the beginning, for the change in relationship with East Asia was soon to follow in the years in the aftermath of rising Japanese influence…

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  • Origin Of Japanese Culture Essay

    culture is unsure, but it is said that it goes back 7,000 years ago. A very important era to focus on is the Kamakura Shogunate era that started in 1185 and ended in 1133. Kamakura lasted for about 150 years, but had a great impact on the history of Japan. In 1192, Minamoto Yoritomo took total control of the country and was appointed shogun. He established the very first warrior government in Japan’s history. When appointed shogun, Yoritomo had total control of the military and warrior class,…

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