Tokyo Research Paper

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In Tokyo, many people commute to work through public transportation whether it is on the subway or on the bus. In 2013, about 23 billion people were recorded using the railway compared to 6 billion on motor vehicles. This is a major difference that shows how many people in Japan use public railways as transport. It shows how the public transportation is working well because people are willing to use it. However, many people may not drive in Japan, but that should not mean that it is a bad choice. Especially with the gas prices so low recently, driving is not as expensive as it was before. Not everyone will find a car a good investment. At 377,900 km2, Japan may not be the biggest country in the world, yet it is very long. So traveling distance from the bottom of Japan to the top is around 2,500 kilometers. …show more content…
It is very costly and will cause you a lot of trouble the longer you have it. The cons outweigh the pros in most cases where the only people who really need a car are people who live in rural areas. Owning a car is just a luxury that would only make sense to commit to if you can easily pay for it. If you are struggling to pay for a car and you live in Tokyo, you should definitely not do it. The public transportation in Japan is so convenient and does not cause as much trouble to you. You do not have to worry about if the train needs to have an annual checkup or if the train has a place to park. Sometimes even if your work requires you to have a car, they can help you and even provide you with a vehicle. Public transportation in Japan is very reliable and clean and usually comfortable to ride on. There may be some moments where it is extremely cramped, but other than that it is one of the best systems in the world. It costs a lot less than buying a car, so why would you buy a car? The only reason you should really buy a car in Japan is if it is absolutely necessary to your daily

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