Kew Gardens By Virginia Woolf

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Ivy Judd
Honours English/4th Period
26th January 2017
Kew Gardens by Virginia Woolf Summary
The beginning of Kew Gardens starts off as a description of the garden. It puts a strong emphasis on the colors of the flower petals, leaves and the soil in the garden. The colors red, blue and yellow are repeated a great amount along with the shape of the flower?s leaves. Then introduces a snail, who is a recurring character throughout the story, as he moves slowly across the ground. The story moves on to tell about men and women who walk through the Kew Gardens in July.
Woolf then brings a specific man, women and two children to the reader's attention. The man walks ahead of the women and his children absorbed in his own thoughts. He
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He concluded that he had thought of every possible solution to get around the dead leaf in his way. Deciding to go under the leaf another young couple is brought forward to the side of the flower bed. The young man and women, Trissie, are described to be in the prime of their youth and remarking awkwardly as they stand together. Trissie presses her parasol into the earth then he reached out and rests his hand on top of her?s which I inferred as expression of their romantic feelings towards one another. Woolf describes this as words by use of body language and the awkwardness of it among simple objects, surroundings and the small talk occurring between the couple. Then the man drags Trissie to have tea while she is wishing to go back into the gardens orchards, and cranes among the wildflowers.
The last paragraph of the story tells of how many other couples pass through the gardens and get dissolved into the garden?s green-blue atmosphere. Woolf illustrates how butterflies dance about the garden, the glass roof of the palm house in the sunlight and all the colors of the men, women, and children visiting the garden. Lastly she writes about wordless voices breaking the silence, but describes how the voices are children and how there was no silence at all. The voices are the petals of myriads of flowers that flash their colors into the air in the Kew

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