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  • The Importance Of Personality Assessments

    I think that I hold a lot of things inside and do not let them out due to many reasons, however I do get energy from contemplation, ideas and reflection. It does not take too much these days to feel like I have no energy. On the other side I do not think that I am aloof or complicated. I am diffident but also thoughtful (at least I think so). I do not mind working in groups or teams and would have no trouble with public speaking or persuasion. I am definitely self-motivated. I am a sensor as I like to be realistic, precise and am very patient. I like things that can be experienced through my senses however, I am not creative or artistic. I am a matter of fact type…

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  • Personal Essay: Why Is Patience So Important?

    house and was on her way to work when she fell asleep behind the wheel. She lost control of the vehicle which resulted in severe car crash. The accident was so critical that it had broken segments of her spinal cord and left her paralyzed. Although the doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to walk again, she never believed them. My mother was a prayerful woman who had faith that God will heal her. She knew that in due time, she would…

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  • Role Of Coercion In Plea Bargains

    The use of coercion in plea bargains is constitutional according to the Supreme Court. Since plea-bargains for drug courts involve a greater need of coercion than normal court process due to the limited options available, it is considered a leveraging power to help drug users take advantage of the necessary treatment provided. However, the excessive use of coercion has led to many drug offenders entering treatment that are considered understaffed and over capacity (Parsons & Wei, 2015). The…

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  • Essay On Parental Rights And Due Process

    The topic of parental rights and due process is a complex issues. It is something that has been debated by educational professionals, scholars, and even the American court system as a whole. Before the EAHCA of 1975 the law had very little written in regards to due process rights, and many times school officials were the only people making decisions for disabled students. Parental input was limited at best (EAHCA, 1975). Below I will discuss a specific court case that involves parental rights or…

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  • Tiller Vs. Joyce Cooper Corruption Case Analysis

    that the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause bars Skinner, but not Tiller, from hearing two cases to which Cooper is a party: the Sierra Club case and the Cooper Corruption case. I address each of the two cases in parts I and II of the paper. Under each of those parts is two additional subparts, A, which concerns Tiller, and B, which concerns Skinner. I shall assume that the U.S. Constitution and the decisions of its Supreme Court parameterize the questions posed in this…

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  • Case: Goss V. Lopez And The Supreme Court

    expulsion as a violation of her due process rights. Can the student challenge the action? Surprisingly, the answer depends on which federal circuit the student lives in. In 1975, the United States Supreme Court held that state law could provide primary students a property interest in their education. However, forty years later, courts remain uncertain of when such an interest exists for university students. In Goss v. Lopez, the Supreme Court extended due process protections to a group of…

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  • Importance Of Due Process In Criminal Justice

    The Importance of Due Process in the Criminal Justice System Andy X. Hernandez Troy University Abstract Criminal justice is not just about going after criminals and putting them behind bars. There is more to it than just locking one up. There are certain checks and balances and rights that defendants have before, during, and after their trial. We have learned that each defendant is afforded protection by the Bill of Rights such as right to a speedy trial (Sixth Amendment) and the…

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  • Galatians: Can Everyone Be Successful?

    be successful. However, the key point to understand is that success is relative to each individual. The success He intends for me to have is not the exact same success that He intends for someone else to have. For example, if everyone in a particular department of a company is saved, it is obvious that all of them cannot be the boss. There can only one manager of a department. So, one is favored with that, while the rest are the subordinates. With that in mind, the reason many do not excel…

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  • Powell V. Alabama Case

    course time where these protections of rights haven’t been upheld. An example of when these protections of rights have been neglected is the Powell v. Alabama in 1932. There are several things that made this particular case so different from that of other cases. The time period, the series of events in the case, and the doctrines that were established during this time period are just a few to mention. The Powell v. Alabama case of 1932 was a fundamental case for its time. This case happened at…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Crime Control And The Due Process Model

    States, the criminal justice system follows two unique diverse models that protect the people. One of these models is the Due Process Model and in this model, the rights of the defendant are equally and fairly treated. Which this process being the main objective of this clause. The second model is the Crime Control Model and in this model strict punishments to the defendant committing the crime be forced but also protecting the individual 's rights as well. Both these models have a different…

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