What Is The Importance Of Patience Essay

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Imagine yourself waking up in a trauma room with blood and chaos all around you. Lying there as pain invades your body, you don’t think about yourself, but of a loved one who’s world is about to change. This tragedy happened to my mother when I was only five years old. My mom had dropped me off at my grandparent’s house and was on her way to work when she fell asleep behind the wheel. She lost control of the vehicle which resulted in severe car crash. The accident was so critical that it had broken segments of her spinal cord and left her paralyzed. Although the doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to walk again, she never believed them. My mother was a prayerful woman who had faith that God will heal her. She knew that in due time, she would …show more content…
The answer is simple. Patience requires practice, practice comes from life experiences, and life experiences builds a person’s character to show others what kind of a person they are. Not only does it mold someone into the individual they are, but there are benefits to it as well. Practicing patience helps relieve stress. An average lifespan of a human is around seventy years. Why spend that time developing unnecessary stress that can be avoided? It’s pointless. Patience helps people achieve their dreams. In order to reach one’s dream, that person’s dream must be translated into work. People can’t expect to get everything right the first time they set out to do it. Instead, it takes persistence. One must commit to practicing it over and over again until it’s perfect. Last but not least, patience makes us better people. It starts within ourselves. If society could be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, the world would be a better place for everyone (James

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