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  • Francis Wayland Analysis

    Francis Wayland’s Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches is an extensive anthology of papers, essays, and instructions on Baptist faith and practice. The subjects of the work sprawl from specifically Baptist theological, ethical, and political commitments—i.e., principles—to concrete issues of polity, preaching, ordination, membership, theological curriculum, and sermon preparation—i.e., practices. What unites these essays, of course, is their Baptist distinctiveness, which,…

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  • The Investiture Controversy: A Comparative Analysis

    Their dynasty was to be the first rule by divine leadership. Furthermore, the Christianisation of Europe (which in this case concerns Clovis and King Arthur) explores how secular authorities were converting and joining the church. By contrast, the iconoclasm shows a great conflict between two opposing ideas (between Gregory II and Leo III). Next, the Sunni and the Shia Muslims show a great conflict between one another to succeed as ecclesiastical rulers. Theodosius’ and Gelasius’ primary texts…

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  • Elizabeth Johnson's Quest For The Living God

    In our world today, we are taught many things that develop from the standpoint of religion. Elizabeth Johnson, a Roman Catholic feminist theologian wrote many well-known books that discuss an over view of topics that arise in theology and religion. Johnson wrote Quest for the Living God in 2007, she discusses in chapter 5; God Acting Womanish which goes into depth about female language in relation with God. Today, many people describe their faith and religion with certain language portraying the…

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  • Byzantium: The Rise Of Europe's Dark Ages

    After Constantine broke ground in Byzantium, he was unaware that his new empire would be essential to the development of a different culture. Amidst the Byzantine Empire’s construction, political and economical chaos ensued in the west. Europe’s Dark Ages would need a cushion to absorb any potential threats, and the Byzantine Empire played the role of this cushion. Without the Byzantine’s support, Western culture would not have survived and have been influenced by Byzantine, architecture, art,…

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  • Renaissance Vs Middle Ages Essay

    Comparing and Contrasting the Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance During the Renaissance many of the artistic and governmental styles that we use today were developed and some of the greatest artists and thinkers that have lived were born like Shakespeare the playwright and poet. But the gap between the development of ancient-classical Greece and Rome and the High Italian Renaissance is a big one. There had to be something in the middle to bridge that gap, and there was; the Middle…

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  • The Color Of Christ Book Review

    Ambivalence of the Sacred Religion is embedded in our culture and it influences how we see certain things. Christianity and the images of Jesus had played a huge part in early colonial America. “The Color of Christ” is a book written by Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey that provides a great insight on how race, religion and power play an important role in American history. Sometimes, Jesus figure will be used to give certain groups for unequal treatment, while other times it will give strength…

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  • Byzantine Empire And Arabization

    The Byzantine world was forever altered by the rapid conquest of territories which the Arab armies began in the seventh century. These conquests were due in large part to the martial ability of the Arabic army. Later, tying administrative power to Arab culture, religious unity, and even Islam’s similarities to Christianity aided in the retention and Arabization of the captured territory. In all but one of these cases, the Arabic states followed models created by the Roman, and later, the…

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  • Siddhartha Essay

    onerous self. The content of the book offers a magnificent understanding of how a person can fulfil himself and pave the way for his soul to enlightment. Siddhartha in his teen age always found his teacher’s and elder’s teachings meaningless as iconoclasm had clouded his soul and mind. He always paddled away from the society and its norms in search of enlightment just as we in this generation of 21st century do. I could connect to Siddhartha’s character as I believe myself to be an iconoclast…

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  • Hans Holbein The Younger Research Paper

    Hans Holbein the Younger was a German artist during the 16th century and is remembered as one of the best portrait artists during his time. He was born in 1497 in Augsburg into a family of famous artists, including his father, uncle, and older brother. Hans Holbein the Younger learned to paint from his famous artistic father, Hans Holbein the Elder. Hans Holbein the Younger painted over 150 portraits, as well as created woodcuts and designed clothing for royalty during his lifetime. In 1515,…

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  • Beulah Baptist Church Reaction Paper

    “The Great Commandment” On October 12, 2014, I attended the morning service at Beulah Baptist Church in Statesville, North Carolina. The service normally starts around 10:30 a.m. and ends a little after twelve o’clock. On that particular day, the service was divided into three parts: a baptism, the praise and worship service and finally the sermon. Dr. Coite Sherrill conducted the worship service and my pastor, Dr. Allen Roberts, delivered the sermon. Magic was not involved in any aspect of the…

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