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  • Shadow Of The Colossus Listening Analysis

    Analysis Essay by Michael Justice For my analysis I will be talking about a piece called A Violent Encounter composed by Kow Otani. This piece of music is actually apart of the official soundtrack for a game called Shadow of the Colossus. This is an orchestral piece with some vocal accompaniment in the form of a choir. I chose this piece not only because I like it so much, but also because I believe it is such a great example of how such amazing music can be apart of a great interactive…

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  • Steve Reich Composed Come Out Analysis

    One of the most admired minimalist composers of our time, Steve Reich, was born in New York City in 1936. His interest in music began when he was a teenager, starting with the piano and then switching to percussion after some time. He later formed a band with a friend during these early years. Reich’s passion for music continued to grow. He eventually attended Julliard, where he began listening to one of the greatest influences on his music—John Coltrane. Although Reich soon realized that he…

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  • Analysis Of John Jenkins's Fantasia No. 13

    Music has been invariably elucidated throughout history altering the definition of what is considered melodic, and revolutionizing the manner in which pieces are composed and one of the most prominent periods of musical transformations was the 17th century. It was during these influential times in which music was subjected to the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, both signifying turbulent times for the church and both fundamental in the salvation of polyphonic musical composition as…

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  • Beethoven Fifth Symphony 9 Analysis

    When listening to any piece by Beethoven, you receive the whole range of emotions, and the Fifth Symphony is no different. Just the first four notes, a simple da-da-da-dum, is enough to send shivers up your back. Packed with all the furious confidence of Beethoven, it suggests scarlet eruptions, heavenly processions and all the powers human drama. These four notes started the memorable first movement. This movement is like a Stephen King novel because it is so saturated with intensity and…

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  • Sergey Prokofiev Research Paper

    Born April 23, 1891 in Russia, Sergey Prokofiev became one of the best composers of the 20th century. He was an only child who lived a privileged life. His mom taught him piano at the age of three while his father taught him chess. When he turned five years old his mother furthered his passion in music by helping him write his first piano composition, ‘Indian Gallop’. When Prokofiev was nine years old, he wrote, ‘The Giant.’ At age 13 he went on to study at St. Petersburg Conservatory where he…

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  • George Frideric Handel Research Paper

    George Frideric Handel was born February 23, 1685, in Halle, Brandenburg [Germany], and died April 14, 1759, London, England. He was a German-born English composer of the late Baroque era, know particularly for his operas, oratorios, and instrumental compositions. He wrote the most famous of all oratorios, Messiah (1741), and is also known for such occasional pieces as Water Music (1717) and Music for the Royal Fireworks (1749). First of all, George Frideric Handel was son of Georg and Dorothea…

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  • Gustav Holst's First Suite In E Gear

    written in 1909. This particular piece of music helped many composers see that music could be and can be written seriously for woodwinds, percussion, and brass. A band consisted of woodwinds, percussion, and brass is also known as a concert band, wind symphony, symphonic band, and many more names. First Suite in E♭ was seen as a first step to take concert band more seriously. Gustav Holst , a man who was born in Cheltenham on September 21, 1874. And who died at age 60 in London on May 25, 1934.…

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  • New York Woodwind Concert Analysis

    On Tuesday, April 19th, The New York Woodwind Quintet performed at the University of Idaho. The members of quintet consisted of flutist Carol Wincenc, oboist Stephen Taylor, clarinetist Charles Neidich, bassoonist Marc Goldberg, and hornist Willian Purvis. The quintet is entering its seventh decade with the members who are dedicated to both chamber music and are individual soloists, while also teaching and mentoring woodwind performers. Purvis and Neidich also transcribe and compose arrangements…

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  • Music Concert Report Sample

    The concert that I attended was the music at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Saint Cloud on November 15th. This concert featured the Saint Cloud State University concert choir, chamber singers, women’s choir, and men’s choir. The concert was primarily vocal with some instrumental features. The genre of this concert was mainly a concerto. The type of ensemble that this concert featured was chamber music. The historical era that was represented throughout this concert was the 20th/21st century. One…

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  • Leonore No. 3 Overture Analysis

    Beethoven’s Leonore No. 3 overture can be evaluated the complete version of the Leonore overture like the magnificent symphonic work. This third version of overture also overture was composed in the sonata form like Leonore No. 1 overture, and Leonore No. 2. Further, its musical materials and structure also are developed from Leonore No. 1 overture. In other words, he kept using the excellencies of the previous overtures, and Complemented the Deficiencies of the previous overtures. Basically,…

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