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  • Crystal Meth: Causes And Effects Of Crystal Methamphetamine

    Crystal Meth (or ice) is a strong, highly addictive illicit drug that stimulates the central nervous system, speeding up the messages that travel between the brain and the body. The substance comes in clear crystals and is generally smoked or injected, but can be snorted or even consumed. When taken, the drug increases the production of dopamine therefore a false flash of energy and happiness preoccupies the person.This tends to make the individual’s body endure unfamiliar activities and levels energy. People use drugs to relax, to function, for enjoyment, to be part of a group, out of curiosity or to avoid physical and/or psychological pain. Drug use is influenced by a number of factors. In the case of using Crystal Meth by youth it is typically for the euphoric effects i.e hallucinations. In other instances its stigma provides that it has control over the body’s signals where it is able to prevent the body’s urge for nutrients, sleep and can temporarily stop symptoms linked to depression and other common mental illness’s. Therefore, allowing rapid weight lost, emotional uplift and even increased sexual pleasure. The mentioned symptoms are appealing to a younger audience because ‘your’ image is a major current issue amongst the youth, it provides an escape from present day stresses and as for enhanced sexual pleasure it doesn’t provide a downfall. Crystal Methamphetamine can have a detrimental impact on the body both externally and internally. As is is a powerful…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Ibogaine

    Ibogaine is a very controversial drug used for several purposes. Ibogaine should be legalized because it is used for religious purposes, helps overcome addictions, therapeutic use, adults’ rights to recreational use, the history of drug addiction cures, and its minimal effect on other members of society. Ibogaine, roots of tabernanthe iboga, a shrub originating in the West African country Gabon, where indigenous people use it as a stimulant while hunting and in large doses during religious…

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  • Heroin Drug Abuse

    New medications such as Ibogaine, Probuphine and a Heroin Vaccine are starting to appear as well. Ibogaine is illegal in the US however currently clinical trial approved by the FDA are in session to test how it works. It is like a reset button and sets an addicts neurotransmitter function back to how it was before they were an addict. After a single dose a addict suffers 80-90 percent less withdrawal symptoms than an addict who stops using with no medication help (Ibogaine) because once the body…

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  • Day Dreaming Research Papers

    hallucinogen comes from the Latin term “hallucinari” meaning, “to dream or to wander in the mind” (Fields, R. “Drugs in Perspective,” p 103). Hallucinogens have technically been around since the time of the ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians. In fact, most of the drugs used today have been around for thousands of years, wearing different masks. Hallucinogens, otherwise known as psychoactive drugs have been one of the most popular. They have been used for healing, religious rituals,…

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  • Abstinence-Based Treatment

    For example, the use of meditation as the sole method of treating diabetes would fall into that category. A review of the principles of alternative medical treatments is available from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at http://1.usa.gov/1Nf0Miq. There are many alternative medical treatment options for the treatment of all types of addiction. You can read about nutrition, vitamin, amino acid, and herbal remedies. Others include sweating out the drugs in a sauna, rebirthing tanks,…

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