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  • Father Returning Home Poem

    and urge to reach home as the word ‘hurries’ is repeated several times. The father is even mentioned carrying out dangerous actions such as crossing a railway line despite his old age to get home. No matter even if his shoes are sticky, he is still hurrying. This creates a sense of hope in the reader, that despite the fact the father is isolated from society because of his old age, he will be taken care of at…

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  • Analysis Of Salva In Linda Sue Park's A Long Walk To Water

    really needed it, he would have used it up and and probably would have died. Salva is making sure to choose his actions wisely.In the book,’’ Salva is a very smart young kid who knows how to control himself. In the book it says,’’Listening to Uncle, hurrying to stay close to him, Salva was able to make his feet move despite the cold terror throughout his whole body..’’ (Park,41) This quote shows that Salva knows how to control himself without crying and stopping and slowing the group down.…

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  • John Keats When I Have Fears

    From childbirth to adulthood one seeks happiness. This happiness can take form as toys, love, and companionship. However, one's desire for happiness is not without pain and suffering. For instance, Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress," depicts an unnamed speaker yearning to obtain a Mistress's love, but is overcome with anxiety due to his idea that life is short. Furthermore, in "When I have Fears," John Keats displays his desires to achieve fame and love, but becomes defeated upon realization…

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  • Jane Hirshfield A Tree Poem

    Jane Hirshfield is connected to nature at her home in Marin County, California this is where she gets her inspiration for her poems. Hirshfield published “Tree” in 2000 as a free verse poem, breaking it into 4 stanzas and 4 sentences to convey the nature world. The poem represents a “young redwood” (line 2) that is growing near a house, near a kitchen window. The redwood is already scraping against the window frame of the house, reminding the reader of the “foolish” (line 1) idea of letting it…

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  • Essay Comparing Marvell's Flea And To His Coy Mistress

    Since the dawn of civilized society, men have been attempting to persuade women into intimate relationships. Only in the last hundred years has a woman’s purity stopped being directly correlated to her value as person, and only in the last fifty years, though still stigmatized by some, have women been able to enjoy the pleasure of sex without the commitment of marriage and not have the act be a life ruining choice. While today we might attribute this to the woman’s rights movement, and rightly…

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  • Rabid Cheetah: A Fictional Narrative

    Nearly powerwalking into the guard, I quickly tamper with his memories whlst brushing past him and striding for the stairs. Before the man comes out of his temporary confusion, I near leap down the flight of stairs, heading to the ground floor. Hurrying off the last few steps, I immediately approach Bruce- chatting to some random guy that I don't know- whilst trying to maintain at least some resemblance of calm. However, I need to speed up as the message that Lex is leaving for Slade could…

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  • The History Boys Film Analysis

    storyline acts as a commentary concerning the enormous wealth gap in Britain at the time, where class and breeding almost created two different races, the haves and have-nots. The depiction of palatial halls filled with prized artworks, servants hurrying to cook food, lay tables, serve beverages, wait by their side till the last cigar went out, created a sort of ‘top down’ view of Britain’s class system. The film is far more decorative largely due to the setting and the character’s lifestyles,…

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  • Book Report On The Fall Of The House Of Usher

    to the ground in the front of the building. He has gone to the house since his companion Roderick sent him a letter sincerely asking for his organization. Roderick composed that he was feeling physically and sincerely sick, so the storyteller is hurrying to his…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Love Vs Lust Analysis

    of her in many aspects. However, at the second stanza, it takes a turn when it is made clear that he thinks there is not enough time to be “coy” and wait. They must in a sense, “seize the day”. “But at my back I always hear Time’s winged chariot hurrying near: And yonder all before us lie Deserts of vast eternity,” (Marvell, 21-24). As his pleas progress, the man presents a solution in which they should embrace their sexuality now while there is time. Samuel Johnson emphasizes, “They should…

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  • Observation In High School

    Brandon and I hurried up inside and put all our school stuff in our rooms, and got changed into more relaxed clothes knowing we were going to be outside at least for a good hour of so. If you were wondering, the reason my brother Brandon and I were hurrying up to get outside and help our dad was because our dad gets a little impatient if we are late to whatever, or wherever we need to be.…

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