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  • Leisure And Society: Course Analysis

    on preparing the group project and studying. I appreciate Ms. Fong’s efforts on preparing games and finding guest speaker to share their viewpoints with us. In that lecture, I recognized the difficulties in operating recreational institution in Hong Kong. I hope in the coming future, more guest speakers or celebrities can come and share with us. Overall, I enjoy attending this course very much. I will definitely recommend this subject to my friends and peers, hope all of you can enjoy your…

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  • Push And Pull Factor Analysis

    Over 200 million migrant workers such as farmers have internally migrated to the bigger cities and left their families behind in order to try to make more money. The most common cities that the workers are migrating into are: Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. A push factor is a negative factor of a region which forces the person to emigrate out of a region. There are many major and minor push factors but the most common push factor is war. However, there are no current wars within these three…

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  • The Perfect Dictatorship Analysis

    Ringen, Stein. The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2016. Liu Xia Economically, China has done a really great job in recent years. Inspired by that, some people are looking forward to a deeper change, in other words, a revolution in politics. But Stein Ringen, an emeritus professor at the University of Oxford, finds it unrealistic. In his latest book, The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century, Ringen warns that people should not…

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  • Chinese Opium War Analysis

    though they had more soldiers, causing their signing of the unfair Treaty of Nanking. It basically states that the Qing empire is to pay for the losses in the war, give the Britain the island of Hong Kong, and provide them with 5 ports (Canton, Amoy, Foochow-fu, Ningpo, Shanghai) for them to trade without the Hongs. Also, the British citizens who committed crime had to be released from the prison, and have immunity against the Chinese laws. Furthermore, the importation of Opium was not banned,…

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  • Importance Of Follow The Yellow Brick Road And Enter My Childhood

    it a point to make time for me and my four other siblings. My childhood is so memorable because of four prominent objects in my life. Tea time with my family of seven, baking with my Irish-twin sister and my parents, travelling to countries like Hong Kong and Thailand for vacations and consistently coming together as a family to pray. Gathering for daily tea time as a family demonstrates how I was raised, while growing up in the multiracial…

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  • Citizenfour Film Summary

    conversations they had with foreign affairs. After multiple meetings, Snowden finally released his identity in June. He was wanted in the United States and being overseas in Hong Kong did not help the government. Snowden was smart to apply for the refugee status with the United Nations Commissioner of the Refugees. He started to escape Hong Kong when he heard they were trying to send him back. There a multiple people who are in this movie such as Glenn Greenwild, the investigative journalist,…

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  • Crouching Tiger, The Hidden Dragon

    There exist particular elements in the film Crouching tiger, the Hidden Dragon that the audience from the western world are unlikely to comprehend. Foremost, the film title is derived from a Chinese apothegm which means hiding strength from our world. The movie story is centered around a four hundred years sword which is referred to as the Green Destiny. The movie director avers it to be referred to as such as the green color represents yin which in this respect is the female mysterious nature…

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  • Korean Wave And Pop Culture

    main reason that captivated Asian production companies to invest Korean products at the beginning of the Korean Wave. In 2000, Korean television dramas were lowers the price by a quarter of the price of Japanese ones, and a tenth of the price of Hong Kong television dramas. In addition to this, the economic crisis in Asia promptly led Asian consumers to go for most affordable Korean products compared to Japanese products. Yeon also cited that the popularity of Korean dramas contributed to a high…

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  • Hepatitis B Essay

    fail to notice that many patients that do not have HBV screening and undergo chemotherapy have had “complicated treatments and liver damage, this complication has been reported to occur in 10% to >50% of HBV carriers”(“Chinese University of Hong Kong”). Many patients do not even know they are HBV carriers; these ones were either born with it, their mother passed it on to them by her vaginal canal, or they did not experience the symptoms of HBV. In a sense the HBV virus can be a…

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  • Gender Differences In Canada

    From the twentieth century onwards, Canada has become an independent nation in the world as the British Empire has past the Statue of Westminster 1931. It is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which agrees the separations of colonies from the British Empire. With the independence, Canada has its own choices to draw up policies and make decisions. When the war has broken out in 1939 because of the German invasion of Poland, the Canadian government has also made the decision of…

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