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  • Invasion Of The Philippines Essay

    The Philippines is a country located in western Pacific Ocean and with nearly one hundred million population. My country was invaded and conquered by different countries, including Spain, the United States and Japan. The impact of the invasion of these countries can still be seen nowadays. The Spanish reached my country in the 16th century and it became a colonial island of the Spain. Under the Spanish rule, the church held the strongest power in the country and the governor need to obey the…

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  • Zu Warriors Essay

    category. Also of note is the fact that, although the violence is excessive, the film does not portray any blood, in contrast to the regular tactics. 15. Dragon (Peter Chan, 2011) Peter Chan is one of the foremost successful directors and producers of Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, whose works have been greatly rewarding both financially and artistically, netting a plethora of awards from festivals all over the world. This particular one reinvigorated the genre, which had been in a stalemate for…

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  • Entrapment In Wong Kar-Wai's In The Mood For Love

    Wong Kar-Wai’s, In the Mood for Love, tells the story of two neighboring tenants that realize their respective spouses are having an affair. Its mise-en-scene depicts a heightened memory of 1960s Hong Kong, reflecting on the feeling of entrapped felt by the two-main character, in a physical and mental state; "psychologically and physically constrained environment will rule their lives and, by keeping them from acting on their justified impulses, stunt their happiness forever"i. Through the use…

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  • Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

    was most likely to declare war, swiftly assaulted and conquered most of the other U.S. possessions in Eastern Asia and the Pacific. Japan also attacked all other Allied possessions, for example Hong Kong (controlled by Great Britain). By December 8, a day after the Pearl Harbor assault, Japan had already attacked most of the islands in the Pacific that were not owned by them prior to that. Roosevelt also used this information to sway Congress towards…

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  • Cathay Pacific: Case Study: Singapore Airlines

    as well. This is a great advantage for our company as even with CP’s geographically diversified operations and numerous flights to the Americas and the other countries, their focus is still ultimately in Hong Kong and Mainland China (50.3%) (Marketline, 2016). Since CP is focusing more on Hong Kong and China, SIA could take the chance to ride on the fact that there is a change in travel preferences to developing countries and possibly put more focus on these countries. With SIA flying to…

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  • Practicus College Essay

    From FTSE-listed financial institutions to leading public sector bodies, Practicus understand what change our clients want to achieve, and why. And as a team Practicus sleeves up to help them deliver it. Practicus have been expanding through Hong Kong and Dubai. Practicus, as a team, think that it is important to have consulting companies throughout the world, in order to help our international customers. As some organizations have difficulties, Practicus wants to give guidance for these…

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  • Environmental And Environmental Effects Of Shark Fining

    at many restaurants and hotel as a popular dish. Caty Fairclough says that a pound of shark fins sells for 500 dollars (Fairclough). This is why many people fish for it, it sells for a lot of money. But due to pressure from environmental groups, Hong Kong decided that they would no longer allow shark fins to be served at official functions (Jolly,…

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  • How Sushi Went Global Analysis

    and dependent upon which culture one was raised, there is no denying that the western influences have had a hand in several of these protests. For example, in the past month, we have seen Hong Kong students rise against, what they call, the unfairness of the Chinese government. China’s refusal to allow Hong Kong to be autonomous in deciding its leaders has sparked outrage against many young citizens. While in this case, Western powers have not had direct influence over the commotion, we have…

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  • Trends In Marriage And Family

    Trends in marriage and family have changed overtime and each generation has its own unique social structures and patterns. Since World War II, trends in marriage and divorce, sexual attitudes, gender roles and relations in U.S have been drastically changing. And these changes reveal the social values and norms, and the impact of the political and historical events of each specific time periods. As time progress, we see an increase in expressive individualism among men and women in the society.…

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  • BOCHK Case Study

    AP English Literature 5/5, AP European History 4/5, and SAT Writing 21/24. During my fresher year at university, I have painstakingly maintained results of modules at upper second 60% with the best score hitherto as 73% (equivalent in University of Hong Kong’s GPA as 3.8), and multiple scores ranging from 65% to 69% (3.7). My full results will be released after I finish exams in May. I have confidence that my exceptional academic input during my course would qualify me as a reliable intern in…

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