Philip Pettie's Arguments Of The Social Choice Theory

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1.2 What is the social choice theory?
Nowadays, Social choice theory become a tool for an analysis of collective decision making. The member should start out their opinions or values clearly of a given community or the citizens to attempts to derive from the collective verdict or statement. For this situation can be called direct democracy were determined directly by the members or the citizens of the society. The other form of democratic government is also possible and frequently find in modern societies. For a real example: mostly, we can see the legislative councilor on TV broadcast who were elected by the Hong Kong citizens that representative government where public actions lie in the hands to vote of public affairs. And this sounds, for
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Is there serval convenient and useful rules or regulations to meet the criterion? Perhaps, till now, the social welfare function which says that the welfare of society is one of the functional rules of the individual welfare levels of all members of this society.

2.1 Philip Pettie’s arguments of the Social choice theory
Today, I would like to focus on Phillip Pettit arguments for using the Social choice theory is it a useful tool for understanding political values including liberty and democracy by his book:” on the people’s terms: A Republican theory and Model of Democracy” and his article on Journal of philosophical: Deliberative Democracy and the Discursive Dilemma”.
Taken as a model for how groups should make collective judgments and decisions, the ideal of deliberative democracy is inherently ambiguous
By Philip Pettit said in his journal of Labor Politics: the republic, old and new that, in every society starts with a good philosophy, the authoritative complaint that the nation or government should help to hold it right: the bad force of the society should be expelled by means of political organization at the beginning. This complaint targeted for political rectification come in two broad
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For such individual group immorally to comply with the other, it might led to a real interference and indicated as the iconic ill from which political organization should liberate people , I particular those in the fortunate position of citizens. It was described as the evil of being subject to a master or dominos-suffering domination- and was contrasted with the good of liberates or liberty. The accepted wisdom was that people could enjoy liberty, both in relation to one another and to the collectivity , only y being invested with te being sufficiently empowered to stand on equal terms with others, as a citizen. Being a free person became synonymous with being sufficiently empowered to stand on equal terms with others, as a citizen among citizens (Wirszubski,

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