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  • Membranes

    polar bonding.127 Therefore, the polymer surfaces suitable to this kind of modification must have sites that are able to undergo electrophilic or nucleophilic attack. Such polymer structures include benzene rings, hydroxyl groups, double bonds or halogens.127 The polymer surfaces can be functionalised via nitration,135 amination,135 bromination,136 sulfonation,122,137,138 benzoylation,139 and carboxylation.138 The modification of polyphenylene oxide (PPO) as an example is discussed. The…

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  • Dangers Of Alternative Energy

    Are we doing enough? Over two hundred years ago, man witnessed the evolution of energy that sling shot humanity into a new age. Coal rich in carbon replaced wood as the number one fuel source. The energy found in coal supplied the fore fathers with the means to manufacture steel, power steam liners, and run machinery. The world had no idea a hundred years later that its need for more energy would dramatically increase. Oil and natural gas where explored. These highly efficient energies would…

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  • Tap Water Hypothesis

    How often do you get thirty? Does a glass of water seem to do the job? The research question I am investigating is What is the preferred type of drinking water, NYC bottled water of tap water? This research question is important because we need to know whether the best tasting water is the one most people drink. This research shows the repeatability of a procedure in a different setting because this research has been done before but not with the water types I’m using and my location. In this…

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  • Ir Spectrophotometry Lab Report

    Introduction There are many bioactive compounds that can be found around us. Bioactive compounds mostly can be found in both plants and animals. It is a compound that has an effect on a living organism, tissue or cell. It also can have an influence in our health. A few examples of bioactive compounds included flavonoids, caffeine, carotenoids, carnitine, choline, coenzyme Q, creatine, dithiolthiones, phytosterols, phytoestrogenss, glucosinolates, polyphenols, prebiotics, and taurine. Carotenoids…

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  • The Disappearing Spoon Summary

    Sam Kean, a Washington D.C. writer with works in The New York Times Magazine, Mental Floss, Slate, The Believer, Air & Space, Science, and The New Scientist, has created a user-friendly book about how to explain the periodic table and the elements that occupy it by writing the book The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love and the History of the World From the Periodic Table of Elements. He provides an insight into the world of chemistry that relates to his audience, even…

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  • Plastic Prefilled Syringes

    Prefilled syringes are a fast growing alternatives to vials for many drug products. Increased interest in prefilled syringes is largely driven by the advantages they offer relative to the vials. Currently, most prefilled syringes are made of glass, but plastic syringes are gaining popularity, particularly in applications for which glass is an unsuitable delivery system. Plastic has been an alternative to glass in prefilled syringes since the early 1990’s. Earliest plastics were, however, made of…

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  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Case Study

    The humoral immune system is responsible for making response to the pathogens which invade our body. However, an abnormal immune system induces Cytotoxic T‐cells secrete toxic substances, for example, hydrogen peroxide in the body cells and kill the body tissues. This is called the autoimmune disease. One example of autoimmune diseases is systemic lupus erythematosus, which nearly 5 millions people are suffering various kinds of symptoms of this disease around the world (Centers for Disease…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tri-O-Acetyloride

    (for example, adenine and cytosine) can form N-oxides. Also, the C8 position of guanosine is vulnerable to hydrolytic attack under either strongly acidic or strongly alkaline conditions. The 5,6 double bond of pyrimidine nucleosides also reacts with halogens and halohydrins to give the corresponding addition products (Shabarova and Bogdanov, 1994). Selected examples of the side reactions that occur during oligonucleotide synthesis are given below. Tri-O-acetyluridine (S.1) reacts with MSNT to…

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  • Baker's Yeast Lab Report

    3.1. Green photosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using aqueous extract of Baker’s yeast: One aim of the present study is the development of an improved method for derivatization of metabolites existed in aqueous extract of Baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). This procedure facilitates identification of metabolites in Baker’s yeast extract and its utility for the synthesis of nanomaterials. The preparation of trimethylsilylenol ethers of metabolites was performed by treatment of the extract…

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  • Relationship Between Fluoride And Oral Health

    This paper explores multiple published articles that have reported results from research conducted case studies displaying the relationship between fluoride and oral health when discussing the fluoride concentration within a public water system. These articles, however, are quite similar in their findings, yet differ in the location the study was conducted in and age groups that were focused on. This paper examines Banóczy (2013), Peterson (2015), as well as O’Sullivan & O’Connell’s (2015)…

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