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  • Internet Jewelry Store Case Study

    Business Model for Judy’s Internet Jewelry Store The best business model for Judy’s Internet Jewelry Store is a business to consumer model or merchant model. This model is best because the jewelry store is a merchant which sells items for profit. This business model allows customers to purchase items which are kept in stock in a warehouse. This model is better than a B2B2C which is a business to business to consumer model. A B2B2C is a business model that takes orders from consumers, charges…

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  • H2 Reaction Lab Report

    Scenario 1 describes the reaction that takes place between H2 and I2 to form the acid HI. This reaction involves very intricate and steps that are critical to understanding the concept of equilibrium as a whole. First, an important concept to understand when describing any reaction is the idea of collision probability. When we examine gas molecules in a 1 cm3 container, there can be billions of collisions per second between neighboring molecules, and even then, maybe only one of these collisions…

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  • 1 Chlorobutane And 2-Bromobutane Lab Report

    The purpose of the experiment was to examine the reactivity’s of several different substrates under SN2 reaction conditions. Discussion: All of the SN2 reaction mechanisms react the exact same way. The nucleophile sodium iodide attacks the delta positive alpha carbon forming an intermediate that has a partially formed C-I bond and a partially broken bond between carbon and the delta negative leaving group. The stereochemistry is inverted at the alpha carbon as the C-I bond fully forms. Then…

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  • Dispersion Of Light Essay

    2.4.3. Dispersion of Light The fact that the refractive index different for each wavelength of light produces an effect called dispersion. This can be seen by shining a beam of white light into a triangular prism of glass. White light entering a prism is refracted in the prism at different angles depending on the wavelength of light. The refractive index for the longer wavelengths (red) is lower than for the shorter wavelength (violet). This leads to a large angle of refraction for the longer…

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  • Double Replacement Reactions Lab Report

    Single Replacement Reactions and Double Replacement Reactions A chemical reaction is a process that involves rearrangement of the molecular or ionic structure of a substance, as opposed to a change in physical form or a nuclear reaction. The evolution of energy as heat and light, production of gas, formation of a precipitate, and color change are 4 indicators of a chemical reaction. Two out of the six types of reactions are the single and the double replacement reactions. During single…

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  • Influences Of Interior Design

    Introduction Interior design is an exciting and rewarding occupation. It revolves around creativity, intellectual fulfillment, and also provides a lifetime of personal appeal. Interior design is vital, vibrant, and dynamic, meaning that as the world changes so does life around us, and design keeps up with the pace. Since we are also evolving and advancing into the future with new technology and ideas, the interior of a space is never truly finished, because it can always be enhanced by the…

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  • Teeth Bleaching Case Study

    TITLE OF THE STUDY: MINIMIZING CALCIUM LOSS ASSOCIATED WITH DENTAL BLEACHING Introduction The appearance of teeth plays a significant role in human personality development and is often related with a perception of health and fitness. White and bright teeth are thought to be linked with health and beauty, so everybody wishes to have them. Presently, cosmetic dentistry is a dynamic part of restorative dental practice and cosmetic procedures are increasing in demand without age and gender…

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  • The Importance Of Green Essay

    I’m always looking to keep my money in my wallet and my savings accounts. But I also like to be comfortable, particularly in my own home during a heat wave. If you’re ready to get proactive and dedicate a little time, you’ll enjoy a much more pleasant summer, minimizing sweat and save energy at home at the same time. Even better, you’ll benefit from these changes in the winter as well. What home improvements have you made to lower the cost of keeping cool in the hot summer months? Add eco…

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  • Chris Mccandless's Differences Of Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

    long excursions into the wild. Krakauer’s primary purpose in writing this novel is to express the joy of his encounter his nature, and to give an idea that sometimes a break from the civilized world is alright. “ The danger bathed the world in a halogen glow that caused everything-the sweep of the rock, the orange and yellow lichens, the texture of the clouds-to stand out in brilliant…

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  • Importance Of Crystal Structure Of Materials

    The crystal structure of a material provides variety of important concepts on various scales. A proper understanding of the internal structure of the material through the characterization methods has become essential to identify the novel materials for a specific device application. Currently wide range of experimental methods is available to know the mechanical, chemical or electrical properties of the chosen materials. In this work, the prepared samples are studied using various techniques…

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