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  • Neighborhood Environment

    Often times we have seen what type of effect a neighborhood can have on a person whether they are young or older. However the effect are most noticeable in children who grew up in an urban neighborhood involved with crime, drugs, and violence. In these neighborhoods parents try their best to keep their best to shelter children from what goes on outside but they have to work as well which is usually for many hours a day to make ends meet. The most recurrent similarity in children who misbehave no…

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  • Urban Design Research Paper

    Accroding to the definition of Madanipour, (1996), urban design can be defined as the interact between architecture, town planning, and other related professions; the three dimensional design of spaces which are serving people and their subsequent care and management. The design of the external spaces including the following elements: buildings arrangements with their different uses, the associated movement networks, and the spaces and the urban landscape of spaces between them. It is to be…

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  • Town Or Country Research Paper

    Town or Country: A Comparative Essay on the Differences between Rural and Urban Living. The differences between Rural and Urban living are for more complicated today than in years past. As our fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and other agricultural needs have moved from being locally grown and sourced to being imported from other states and countries, we are seeing more and more of the work force moving to more rural areas. This is in part to the massive amounts of farm land no longer being…

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  • Tenderloin Essay

    The Tenderloin. Not the type of meat, but the neighborhood that I call home. Tenderloin, San Francisco. The so called “hood,” the place with the highest crime rates and homelessness within the city. From robbery to aggravated assault, it all existed. I grew up in this environment and yet I embraced every bit of it. Yes, I eventually realized that I lived in this neighborhood because of my family’s financial status, but because of my status I had been inspired to go to school and further engage…

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  • Henri Lefebvre's The Right To The City

    In March 1968 Henri Lefebvre published The Right to the City. It caused an awareness in the history of ideas on the perception of the city as a stake in society. It announces the arrival of a new reality, the urban, the end of the industrial city and its fragmentation in the outskirts and suburbs. This article shows the extensions and modernity of Lefebvre's theses: his notions have been widely taken up, both nationally and internationally, by urban political practitioners and urban sociologists…

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  • Chicago Fire Of 1871: Epitome Of Rapid Urbanization

    Julian Smith Mrs. Efaw American Literature 29 January 2018 The Chicago Fire of 1871 The city of Chicago, Illinois, stands as the epitome of rapid urbanization and illustrates the shortcomings and benefits Chicago has to offer. The benefits of rapid urbanization during the 1800s leads to the increase of wealth from business growth, allowing for the easy obtainment of luxuries bought with surplus income with the purpose generate more. The benefits of rapid urbanization prove double-sided…

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  • From Warfare To Welfare Summary

    Jennifer Light’s From Warfare to Welfare: Defense Intellectuals and Urban Problems in Cold War America traces the transfer of military techniques, technologies, and experts to city management and organization during the early Cold War. Defense intellectuals approached urban problems using techniques developed during the Second World War; systems analysis, aerial surveillance, and computer simulation Coincidentally enough, From Warfare to Welfare itself originated in the defense establishment.…

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  • New Horizons Film Analysis

    New Horizons is what the wonder year of 1960 is all about. A strong and bold vision of the utopian future of 1960 is laid out from this 1939 film from the General Motors World’s Fair in New York called Futurama. It is a time of “modern and efficient city planning and breath taking architecture” and “new opportunities for employment and better ways of living.” Urban life is dramatically changing during this time period of before World War II, with new technology and this film shows the changes…

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  • Socrates Argument In The Dissection Of A City

    to argue that a city is necessary because humans need to rely on one another in order to accomplish tasks. Socrates begins his argument when he states, “So if you approve, why don’t we start by finding out what sort of thing it is in cities? After that we can make a similar inquiry into the individual, trying to find the likeness of the larger version in the form the smaller takes” (line 369). He first proposes the dissection of a city. First, you must look for justice in the city, and once you…

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  • Zwia Lipkin Nanjing Summary

    through demonstrating how the Nationalist government managed various social problems in the city and the continuous effort to create the desired model of a “modern” national capital between 1927-1937. Lipkin recounts in detail how the Nationalist aimed to boost the image of the new capital by eliminating various social problems including refugees, shantytowns, rickshaw pullers, prostitutes and beggars in the city in which she examines the successfulness in eradicating these problems. Lipkin…

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