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  • Summary Of Suburban America Problems And Promise

    Suburban America: Problems and Promises, a documentary produced by Ron Rudaitis, examines the changing face of suburbia in America. The intended audience for this documentary would be society, because it explored how the suburban community has and is changing historically, politically and socially. Through the documentary, Ron explored the issues that are associated with suburbs and how they are growing to become sustainable environmental regions, the changing infrastructure and redevelopment of…

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  • Urban Migration

    In reality, large population and employment subcenters have emerged outside of central cities in large metropolitan areas, which demonstrate that major cities have become increasingly polycentric. This phenomenon has been driven by job clusters emerge where there is a good transportation network and suburbanization of labor force (16). However, the suburbanization pattern…

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  • Childhood Narrative

    My surroundings seemed normal; as I had not lived anywhere else to compare it too. However, the neighborhood became overcrowded, houses were being robbed, and the presence of gangs started to appear. After the age of five, my parents moved us to the city of Woodhaven. Realizing the deterioration of the neighborhood validated the reasons why my parents did not want to raise their children in a crime filled area. The one intense incident that I experienced left a lasting impression of how…

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  • Remote Health Issues

    rainforest areas, mining and coastal towns – the same quality they all possess is that they live far from any major city (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2012). Therefore the areas are known to have limited health services and harsher living environments. In 2009, roughly 31% of people lived outside major cities in Australia with more 45-80 year olds than those living in the cities (Australian…

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  • The Drive In City Culture Summary

    The definition of a city may seem like it would be simple and to the point. The work of several demographers, archaeologists, and philosophers proves that the understanding of a city requires a thorough analysis. E.B. White, Kingsley Davis, Gordon Childe, Lewis Mumford, Kenneth Jackson and Robert Bruegman have their own understandings of what a city is. White has a thought-provoking idea of a city, especially in the way he describes his visit to New York City. He feels that New York is not…

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  • The Modernity Of Paris In The 19th Century

    In the nineteenth century, Paris became the epitome of the modern city, at least in the eyes of its upper class bourgeois elite and the tourists who visited the modern marvel. This “modern vision” of Paris was developed by people willing to look at and into their surroundings and themselves critically. In fact, it is those people looking at themselves and others in a critical sense and being conscious of the effect their way of seeing the world can have on others that drove who Parisian…

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  • Socioeconomic Classes In Goodbye, Columbus By Phillip Roth

    Neil lives in the large and old city of Newark, NJ, Brenda lives in the posh suburbs of Short Hill, NJ. During the 1950s to 60s, the location in which a family lived often indicated their social status. The wealthier classes often lived in the suburbs because they could afford expensive items such as cars to transport themselves to and from their work. Those living in the cities were often middle-class citizens or part of the minority races. The suburbs and the city even have a separate phone…

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  • Being In Love Analysis

    takes is a one way ticket, a few clean pairs of underwear (okay, maybe more than a few), and a venturesome attitude. What I 'm trying to say is: find your great love in the city of your dreams. You 'll be surprised at how fast you 'll fall...here are 7 reasons why. 1.No man or…

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  • Analysis Of Frank Romero's 'Going To The Olympics'

    evokes the idea that this metropolitan city of Los Angeles is a haven town and should be recognized as a very beautiful city. Cars are a very important way of life here in the modern era, especially in a huge city such as this, and providing the audience with dynamic colors and a pristine and relatable setting really does set the bar for what and how the city of Los Angeles is defined. Though a big indicator of the car culture that exists in the big metropolitan city of Los Angeles in the mural…

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  • Creative Milieu: Case Study

    Methodology The methodology consists of three separate assessments, one for each of the forces identified as important contributor in the city's potential for a creative milieu in Downtown Las Vegas and each addressing the corresponding set of research questions. The first is a measure of the socio-economic conditions of the Las Vegas region or the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA Conditions), the second is to identify the government agencies' strategies (GOV Actions) in the revitalization…

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