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  • Analysis Of The Word Rent

    When you heard or see the word “rent”, what is the first thing crosses you mind? To many people the word “rent” it is associated with a house, and an apartment. Yet the word “rent” it could mean anything to different people, such as, divide apart as a community, families, or relationship. However, the first time the word “rent” came across my mind, it had thought of rent payment for an apartment, yet another object came across was the musical Rent. Rent is a rock and pop musical with book,…

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  • Assignment: A Career In Urban Planning Career

    community and getting know what’s going on the county, and how Rantoul, Champaign and Urbana are working with each other. In the end, I do spend time working with small villages. Can you describe your experience in working with City Council? I worked in Champaign City Manager’s Office for 25 years and my primary responsibility was to be the connection between private business and our council. A big chunk of my time was in relationship building and I also used to spend more time working on…

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  • One Evening In The Rainy Season And Sealed Off Analysis

    A bustling modern city seems to be the most exciting place to be. Or so it seems. While the city itself seems colorful and vibrant, these modern industrial cities tend to be devoid of “humans.” Surely, humans do exist and they constitute the city population, but city-dwellers are often stuck in the mundane, boxed life of an urban city, deprived of their individuality. Shanghai, a city where “One Evening in the Rainy Season” and “Sealed Off” are set, is no exception. To Shanghai residents,…

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  • New Urbanism: Serenbe

    The car makes a sharp turn into the mass of greenery, greeting an image torn right off the pages of a fiction novel. Fairytale houses are woven within the trees, dappled sunlight tinting their roofs, and a dirt trail winds down to a dreamy fishing pond and a farm populated with llamas, donkeys, rabbits, and sheep. The air tastes crisp. The warm sun draws families out: parents chat with neighbors over ice tea as their children bounce along the community trampoline, and an aged couple saunters…

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  • Urban Spaces

    location to escape is brought attention to. This idea of emphasis is shown at Central Park in New York City where and 843 acre park is bordered by one of the densest cities in the world, the contrast between urban green and modern city life intensifies the importance of bringing a connection to nature and a relaxed atmosphere. This connection is important not only to bring visual break to the city but also because it can shape the way society forms and how people interact with each other. In…

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  • San Pedro Description

    Cities of San Pedro and Torrance The city of San Pedro is a coastal community located in the city of Los Angeles, covering 12.046 square miles. It is port city that is neighbors to the cities of Long Beach and Wilmington to its East, Harbor City to its North, and Ranchos Palos Verdes and Lomita to its West. Housing a portion of the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, is known as a blue collar town. With consideration to national averages the city of San Pedro is considerably high in both violent…

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  • The Jitney Case Solution

    statistics are not only outrageous, but also unacceptable. Even in the early twentieth century people had begun to figure out what was necessary in order to increase the efficiency of traffic flow throughout large cities, such as New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, which were the main cities first exposed to the Jitney Bus. The first “Jitney”, created by L.P. Draper in Los Angeles, was at first a simple offer from one man to another for a five cent ride to go a short distance. In less than a…

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  • Negative Effects Of Diabetes

    Diabetes is a chronic disease and has a lot of effects on patients’ lives. Direction effect from diabetes are increasing serious health problem, infections developing and this bring people to be disability. There are several studies about negative effects cause by DM, indirect effects to people with diabetic are less quality of life, sexual life, loss a job led to financial burden. After got diabetic patient have to change life style, diet control especially food proportion. Exercise limiting.…

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  • Effects Of Suburban Sprawl

    New urbanism is increasingly applied to revitalize diverse urban neighborhoods. It seeks to foster place identity, sense of community and environmental sustainability. New urbanist’s urban projects involve a mix of single-family and multi-family housing, a streetscape that encourages pedestrian use, and some form of public space. It supports creating a provision of range of housing prices and housing types in each community which will “bring people of diverse ages, race, and incomes into daily…

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  • Diversity In Green Bay

    other which may include race, gender or religion, for example. The total population for Green Bay is 104,057. There is a lot of cultural diversity in the city of Green Bay, with a mixture of all races varying in amounts throughout the city. These people vary from caucasian, black, asian and hispanic with all of them contributing to the city to make it unique and full of diverse cultures. suburbanstats.org/population/wisconsin/how-many-people-live-in-green-bay as of early 2015. . Green Bay's…

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