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  • Advantages Of Adventure Tourism

    In this urbanization era, most of the people are live in urban areas because there are more job opportunities and provide high standard living compare to rural areas. Therefore, they prefer to stay far away from the wild places. However, nowadays there are much of people going to travel for fun and relaxation during holiday. There are some of the people would like to escape from the urban areas and seeking the adventure destination for relaxation, challenge, learning and exploration. This…

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  • Urbanization In Tamil Vaddu Case Study

    many problems in every day life. Mostly the people with poor financial background migrate in order to support their families. In past two decades, large number of people have migrated from rural to urban and urban to urban (from small town to metro cities) areas for various reasons. In India, Tamil Nadu has the highest urbanization growth state which proves the fact that the people have bees migrating from backward districts to urban districts of Tamil Nadu. The present study has used the 2001…

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  • Cultural Challenges In Urbanization

    of improving the urban environment and the living condition. Urbanization leads to the emergence of commercial and industrial activities within the area but the historic city areas, having failed to keep pace with the requirements of the modern economy, start to deteriorate. While historic cities area indentitarian, core to the city both historically and geographically, they are also central to many…

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  • Vastu Shastra And The Orientation Of Haveri

    This chapter explains the spatial planning of a typical haveli and the significance of Vastu Shastra and directions in determining the orientation of this type of dwelling. It also includes important aspects of courtyard design and demarcation of entrance. 2.1 Orientation of Havelis 2.1.1 Direction and Polarity According to the ancient story of Mahabharata, Indian time is structured in relation to the motion of the Sun and Moon. The four directions related to the cycle of sun are – Poorva…

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  • The Industrial Revolution: The Impact Of The Industrial Revolution

    English mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead once said, “The greatest invention of the nineteenth century was the invention of the method of invention.” Those insightful words could not ring more true when spoken at the time. The world was changing and science and technology was at the forefront of this movement. New manufacturing processes were developed and instead of everything being hand-made, goods were produced in factories. As more new machines were invented, production…

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  • What's The Hullaballoo About The Venkatappa Art Gallery Case Study

    Gallery in Bangalore? The fast growing city of Bangalore has a whole lot of problems; the roads (or lack off), the chaotic and undermanaged development of the city, the poor sanitation, dying lakes (and dying fish- another story) and in the last few weeks, even the weather; the one truly attractive character of Bangalore has turned ugly with the city sweltering with temperatures of 37 degree centigrade! But something else has also been raising hackles in the city in the last few weeks. A little…

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  • Spatial Dialectic In Apartheid City

    The Socio-spatial Dialectic and Segregation in the Industrial and Apartheid City There is a strong correlation between the social aspect of living and the spacial aspect of living, especially in urban areas and the modern city, as defined by (Pacione, 2005). These aspects have had a significant effect on world history, such as in the industrial city and the apartheid city. The Socio-spatial Dialectic The socio-spatial dialectic (Soja, 1980), describes the interaction between space and society…

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  • Essay On Advantages Of Smart Cities

    1. What are the advantages of smart cities? More than half the population of the world will be living in smart cities by the end of next decade. People want to avail benefits of a high tech environment living as an added advantage for those who want to. Technology is an aspect that is more responsive to people’s necessities, as one of the advantages of living in smart cities. Technology is also a powerful resource that tends to make people move towards cities making use of it. It is a response…

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  • Garden City Essay

    4.1 CITY LEVEL INITIATIVES: 4.1.1 Chandigarh: Chandigarh has more than 35% of its geographical area under forests, parks and trees covers making it one of the greenest cities of the country. It is one of the modern planned cities of India. Chandigarh has a geographical area of about 140 sq,km, has a population of about 10,54,686 according to 2011 census and density around 7912 persons/ sq.km. The per capita availability of green space is around 55 sq.m and the number of green spaces in terms of…

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  • Consequences Of Overpopulation In Sweden

    Global Perspectives Sweden Causes The main cause of overpopulation in Sweden is due to immigration of people from other countries to Sweden. Most of the immigrants are from other parts of Europe(Finland,Poland,Germany,Turkey,Denmark,Norway,Romania,United Kingdom, Hungary) , Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Thailand, Chile, Former Yugoslavia, and may more. Moreover, many citizens from the rural areas in Sweden are moving to the urban areas which decrease the population in the rural area and increase…

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