Consequences Of Overpopulation In Sweden

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Global Perspectives
The main cause of overpopulation in Sweden is due to immigration of people from other countries to Sweden. Most of the immigrants are from other parts of Europe(Finland,Poland,Germany,Turkey,Denmark,Norway,Romania,United Kingdom, Hungary) , Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Thailand, Chile, Former Yugoslavia, and may more. Moreover, many citizens from the rural areas in Sweden are moving to the urban areas which decrease the population in the rural area and increase the population in the metropolitan area. Although the birth rate is not high, the high immigration rate and the low death increase the population rapidly,

After the World War II, the fertility of the soil has decreased. This decrease means
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Early marriage is very important to the Indian cultural. Marriage in India is sacred obligation. Poverty is another cause for overpopulation. Poor families think that if they have more children, they will earn more income. Since they live in poverty, their children might die of hunger so they need more children. Many of the families are unaware of birth control methods. Many people from Bangladesh and Nepal are illegally immigrating to India, increasing the population.

Many people in India cannot find jobs. This is because of the overpopulation. Also, the number of Indians with good education id decreasing every year, which decreases their employment rate as well. The production of food is slowly decreasing and their prices are increasing. There is not enough food to feed the whole country. There is a huge lack of transportation, housing, healthcare and communication, while there is an increase in the number of people per house and traffics. Finally, there is a huge inequality rate in the incomes.

Local Perspective
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Overpopulation might result in our extension since more of us are there and less food and water is available to everyone. Poor people are already dying because they can’t afford food and water for themselves. If the amount of food, water and other resources decrease, their prices will increase because of their high demands. At one point, maybe even the middle class people will not be able to afford these things. It is very important to maintain a constant population for the survival of the next generation. It is better to decrease the birth rate than not being able to survive. We should save ourselves and our future

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