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  • Mexican Culture Essay

    had played music with various primitive flutes and drums, until the Spanish took colonial control and introduced new instruments which inspired to a number of regional musical styles. Mariachi, characterized a group of string instruments including guitars and violins, originated in the region of Jalisco in central Mexico. Up until the time of the revolution, Mexico was fragmented into smaller areas, each with its own regional musical styles. Mariachi only began to be performed in Mexico City…

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  • Bull Guitar History

    Nicknamed the “Bull fiddle”, the bass is one of a handful of instruments that played a significant role in the development of music during the 20th century. The bass gained much of its momentum as the popularity of the New Orleans brass and jazz bands was spreading throughout the US, and it eventually took on such an essential role that it was forced to evolve. The new bass players were slowly transitioning the bass from accompaniment to a solo instrument. As it moved from the background to the…

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  • Essay On Country Music

    For over 90 of years’ country music has been an enjoyable source of entertainment for millions of people around the world. With the reputation of an upbeat and feel good vibe country songs have, it is no wonder country music has been around for so long. Country artists are specifically known for singing about the outdoors, relationships, and alcohol. They are able to provide a direct connection using these three topics, between themselves and their audiences. Country music usually consists of a…

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  • Ghosts-Personal Narrative

    saw a ghost.” Derek is manning the sound booth while a girl reads poetry from a notebook onstage. My guitar is sitting in the hard case by the wall. I order a pitcher of Summit Ale.…

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  • Acoustic Guitar Essay

    An acoustic guitar is a musical instrument that produces sound through strings’ vibration. At different frequencies strings vibrate creating harmonic tunes. The strings mass, length and tension determine the frequency produced. The guitar is very popular in music today and a useful part of classical, reggae, blues and other genres. The guitar ancestry draws back to Arab countries, where an instrument with many strings and a gourd sized body was brought from Spain. It was called an alu’de. This…

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  • Pop Song Comparison

    This assignment include a comparison between a folk song and a pop song, both of them are part of beautiful and attractive music. From this assignment I feel like become closer to both of these two styles. First, when I listen to a folk song, I feel like listening a story. A story from long ago, with a group of people. The "group" could be as particular as a family, or a nation. Then, when I listen to a pop song, I feel more emotion in it than the history. My folk song is “Czechoslovakia Hey Ho…

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  • Guitar Essay

    The guitar is a string musical instrument which is very popular; it has between 4 and 18 strings. It makes sounds through acoustic means for an acoustic guitar or electrical amplification for an electric guitar. It is played through strumming the strings with the right hand while the left hand presses against the frets. The traditional guitar is constructed from wood and strung with either gut or nylon strings while the modern guitar started from the gittern, vihuela, the four-course renaissance…

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  • Electric Guitar Techniques

    When I was about 14 years old I saw a live concert on television in which Edward Van Halen performed some tapped bends on his electric guitar and they blew me away. He did some sliding taps and some bent taps and I immediately thought, "Wow, this man is truly a master of the electric guitar; he has absolute control over it and never makes any mistakes." Although now I consider tapped bends to be a fairly simple technique, they are still interesting musically, and the most difficult thing about…

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  • Jimi Hendrix: Legendary Lead Guitarists In Popular Music

    The lead singers of the band who often claim all the fame, however, lead guitarists are musicians who are masters of their craft. These legendary lead guitarists in rock bands that include Jimi Hendrix, and Slash, are famous in their own right. It’s true that the vocalist may have his lyrics, but, it is the rhythm section behind him, who truly make the sound. The list of legendary lead guitarists: 1. The top spot goes to the American rock guitarist and singer - Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix is…

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  • Persuasive Essay On How To Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar

    how to choose the best acoustic guitar You can 't buy happiness, but you can buy an acoustic guitar and that 's kind of the same thing. A pure tone of the best acoustic guitar can take you where you want to go. It can calm your worried mind. If everyone left you, don 't worry, you have your best friend by your side. Yes, an acoustic guitar can be your real friend. It can help you to get rid of fatigue. It will give you company at the right moment when you feel lonely. You can bumper the…

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