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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Acoustic Guitar Is Better

    Now a lot of people will automatically say the Electric guitar is the better choice for a beginner to learn on simply because it is thought to be the easiest to learn. Although that is true for the most part I say that the acoustic guitar is the better choice to be made. With learning on an acoustic the beginner will build up more strength in their fingers and hands. They will work harder to press down the strings with the Acoustic, unlike the Electric where it is easier to press down on the…

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  • Sweet Child O 'Mine By Guns N' Roses Analysis

    Sweet Child O’Mine by Guns N’ Roses The song became really popular until the current time because it has the best guitar solo of all time. This song was recorded during 1987 from the Appetite for Destruction album of the Guns N’ Roses that was released on the 17th of August the same year. Then, they made it as a single and was released on August 17, 1988, in the US, while in the UK it was released on May 29, 1989. The band who made the song was the Guns N’ Roses, they are an American rock band…

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  • Tookley Guitar Research Paper

    Diddley Bow Plus The guitar has been a staple of music for generations, used in such a large variety of music. In our paper we will be explaining the parts of the guitar how the work, the physics of the guitar with sound waves and how they relate to the guitar working properly. We will then describe how the overall guitar works and we will go through the process which is the guitar making sound and incorporate the parts into how they help make the guitar work. The Diddley Bow guitar generally…

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  • My Mixing Process

    my acoustic guitar is a featured instrument within the tracks, Stereo Spread gave the guitar a lot more space. Double bass EQ: - As I was capturing the sound of a double bass as a whole I pushed my bass signals at around 300hz; to capture the to neck sound I pushed the EQ at 2000Hz. Multipressor: - This helped me capture and boost just my bass frequencies without boosting any rattles from the neck or bridge. Electric guitar Depending whether I used an amp or if the electric guitar was…

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  • Kid Cudi Short Biography

    and piano. The synthesized portions of the song, like the guitar, contribute to the aesthetic of rap. The collaboration with major electronic artists MGMT and Ratatat delivers almost all of this versions instrumentals. The reimagining of the piece stayed true to the original chord progressions to allow a natural build up in instrumentation. While the electric guitar in Cudi’s version isn’t as distinct, both Cudi and Lissie have a guitar solo that is featured within the middle of the track. Both…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Odyssey And The Hero's Journey

    differing details depending on the characters, locations, etc. How many heroes, or any protagonist, are much similar then one might give credit? One of the most recognizable and best examples of both the hero archetype and the hero’s journey is The Odyssey; it features the main character as the hero of The Trojan War, Odysseus. Both the story and protagonist are known and used as the prototype for many modern stories. In 2010 came the action comedy movie, Scott Pilgrim vs.…

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  • Compressor Attack Case Study

    where I get to pass on the ultra-useful and sometimes strange bits of information that make life easier in certain situations. I love pocketing tricks of the trade. They are often hard-won and well worth the effort. If the wire wound strings on the guitar produce too much squeaking when the guitarist moves his fingers to grab his next chord, try using some “Fingerease” string lubricant. This tones down those squeaks and even helps to preserve the strings. Some folks love this stuff. Others hate…

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  • My Guitar Experience

    to the warmth of the fireplace and listened to my stepdad strum the guitar. I was instantly entranced by what he was playing. Some blues melody that had me engrossed. Looking back the desire to play the guitar, had really just come from me looking up to my stepdad as a father figure, and perhaps wanting reciprocate what he was doing. Whatever the case, I asked if I could try. He handed me the rustic, vintage looking acoustic guitar. I was immediately plagued with my small, limited six year old…

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  • Tabernaculo De Dios Filadelphia

    old and they are now in their late seventies so they have quite the knowledge and experience in seeing the evolution of music through time. The pastors are a duet, as Esther sings the beautiful songs Angel is accompanying her with a classic acoustic guitar. In this special service, they were not the only one participating but also other singers…

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  • Heavy Metal Music Analysis

    Music is the international medium that can link both mind and soul. From sophisticated, well drawn out classical music, to drums and rocks in Aboriginal tribes in Africa, music is a natural and seemingly God-given talent we all possess. “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent,” it is supernatural yet so uniquely human simultaneously (Hugo). Music elicits response; one main response it draws out is in-depth analysis. As popular as music is, music…

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