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  • Acoustic Guitar History

    companies build guitars, what sets them apart however is how they construct them. Most of these companies pay someone in a warehouse to assemble prefabricated parts. Most people, however, would feel that the best guitar is made by hand, where every grain of wood is analyzed, to ensure the perfect sound quality. An acoustic guitar is built with the right wood patience and a unique understanding of how wood works and the basics of acoustic sound will enable the creation of an acoustic guitar.…

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  • The Importance Of Reamping

    If one guitar is good, then two guitars are better right? This can be true depending on the kind of music you are recording. Let’s look at a few ways to double up on guitar parts while recording and mixing that can add some excitement and dimension to a recording. Create the guitar wall of doom If you are into heavy guitar sounds, I know that I already have your attention. With words like “doom” describing your sound, what’s not to like? When recording those bone crushing rhythm guitar tracks…

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  • Case Study: The Deering Company

    maple, the resonator is maple and so is the neck. Maple is considered an incredible tonewood, which means that it has tonal properties of stiff, light woods for instruments. Maple is often used for stringed instruments like the banjo, violin, and guitar. Tenor 4-String There are two tunings when it comes to a 4-string banjo. There's the tenor or the plectrum tuning. The tenor is commonly used for Irish music. It can be tuned to C, G, D, A or G, D, A, E. This can be confusing for those who…

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  • Personal Narrative: Acoustic Guitar

    I first stared playing guitar when I was thirteen. An old friend of mine decided to give me his old acoustic guitar, and show me some of the basics. First, he showed me two of the easiest chords, G and E. At first, it was hard for me to transition from G to E, but after some practice, I was starting to get the hang of it. After that, my friend showed me how to play the intro to the song, Come As You Are by Nirvana. It was pretty easy; just three notes, no chords. We played it over and over again…

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  • Origins Of Electric Guitar

    The Origins of Electric Guitar By: Pierce Bradley The electric guitar, an invention that’s not even a century old yet that has an intrinsic role in the history of music, especially the last 40 to 50 years having turned the guitar into an iconic figurehead and institution for musicians old and new. An though the electric guitar is less than a hundred years old it has ancestry in older, classical acoustic instruments built as early as 1779. The first electric guitar was dated in 1931. It’s a…

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  • Musical Analysis Of Can T Stop

    PART FOUR: Creative Process 381_CP_SONG 1: Can’t Stop I started with the guitar and formed a riff based in the key of Em. I transposed this riff onto a sparkly synth sound and could hear a strong bass line that would accompany it. I had three successful ways of approaching the creation of Can’t Stop. Firstly, completing a section and moving to the next before adding production elements. Secondly, having short breaks and returning to listen with fresh ears to recognize sounds that were not…

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  • Horizontal Bass Essay

    bass. The first notable change was in the nineteen-twenties by a man named Lloyd Loar, which at the time worked for a notable guitar producer called Gibson. He added electrostatic pickups on a small handheld bass; but, no sound could really be produced since the first electric amp we created in the nineteen-forties. The nineteen-thirties was an odd time for a bass guitar. Many upright basses were too bulky to be a horizontal bass; but, the upright basses were experimented on as a horizontal…

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  • Big Nick And The Gila Monster Analysis

    titles, as a unit the group performed very well. The group includes Big Nick Riviera who had the blues tone of voice and occasionally accompanied the band with his harmonica, Mike “El Rey” Lewis who played the guitar, Rocky Heyer…

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  • How To Play Guitar Essay

    things with the instruments I currently play. Violin, piano, bass, and guitar are the instruments that I play. The one that I will be talking about most is bass because I spend the most time on it, and it is currently my favorite to play. This spring, I bought a bass guitar from a guy who lived in Wichita. When I did this, it opened up a lot of things in my bass playing. I went from only having a standup bass at school to having a guitar at home. That is when I started learning many new things. …

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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Acoustic Guitar Is Better

    Now a lot of people will automatically say the Electric guitar is the better choice for a beginner to learn on simply because it is thought to be the easiest to learn. Although that is true for the most part I say that the acoustic guitar is the better choice to be made. With learning on an acoustic the beginner will build up more strength in their fingers and hands. They will work harder to press down the strings with the Acoustic, unlike the Electric where it is easier to press down on the…

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