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  • The Suzuki Method

    The idea of a String Methods class in undergraduate study is to explore the different approaches that happen around the world. There will be some methods more renowned than others, and of course, those will prevail and outshine the rest. However, this class will go into specific details of the classical instruments like Violin, Viola, Cello, and String Bass and how they are used throughout these String Methods. Consequently, these string instruments play a huge role in the music world around us;…

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  • Middle Eastern Music Analysis: Sands Of Arabia

    To listen to a piece of music does not necessarily mean that you have understood the ideas and/or emotions musicians and composers are trying to convey. Through this class, you have not only taught me how to describe music, and Its effects but how our own individual experiences influence how we interpret, and react to music. When first I began taking music classes in high school, I was not taught how to listen to music correctly and how to describe how it affected me. I would often find myself…

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  • String Instruments In Ancient China

    Since the beginning of the 12th century, the guitar has been noted as one of the most popular Western musical, string instrument; it is used in a wide variety of musical genres worldwide. However, on the other hand, most people cannot easily recognize the Western guitar’s Eastern counterpart – the Gu Zheng. Originally found during the Warring States Period in Ancient China (475 to 221 BC), the Gu Zheng gradually became a prominent musical instrument within Asian culture. However, though…

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  • Wolf Suppressor Essay

    The purpose of this experiment was to determine the most effective position and mass of a wolf tone eliminator for effectively suppressing the wolf so that it was undetectable to the human ear and, hopefully, completely suppressed. All correctly-proportioned and good quality violoncellos create an unusual phenomenon called a wolf tone when a certain pitch on the instrument is played, and the pitch at which the wolf occurs differs between instruments. On a well-crafted violoncello, this tone…

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  • Peter Sawchyn

    challenges by expanding. Sawchyn Guitars was founded by Peter Sawchyn in 1970. It was a small private business solely owned and operated by Peter Sawchyn and his wife Kendra Sawchyn. The company deals with two main products: acoustic guitars and mandolins. (Woodwark, Wong, p.2). All the models of guitars and mandolins could be custom ordered, repaired and upgraded per customer’s precise needs. The founder of the company Peter Sawchyn had 40 years’ experience of making custom guitars and their…

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  • Malcolm X's Article 'Literacy Behind Bar' Written By Malcom X

    The article “Literacy behind bars” written by Malcolm X gives a brief history of the self taught education he received in prison. In the article he informs us on how his education before being sentenced to prison did not exceed the past the eighth grade. Malcolm X would spend every waking moment of his day lost in any books that he could get his hands on absorbing each and every word that he learned. He even spent some of his days going through dictionaries copying and memorizing each and every…

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  • Listen To Country Music

    Music is an important thing in people’s life. Music has grown with people generation to generation, and it gets change time over time. Must of people listen to music for what it has of bower that makes the person happy and relax. In my country which it Oman people listening to many songs especially Arabic songs, country, and hip-hop. Usually the oldest people listen to country songs. 25 years from now people in my hometown did not know music very much, so I did not know music a lot. Although, I…

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  • My Favorite Assignment

    Mp1: Senior Writing, Mrs. Donovan Favorite Assignment: College Essay In the first marking period of English 12R I learned important skills in terms of reading and writing. This course focused mainly on reading and writing, the first thing that we worked on was how to properly write a college essay, which I think is very important for students to learn how to be successful in writing them. We learned that you have to be creative when writing your college essays and try to add important details…

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  • Essay On Folk Music

    Folk music can be defined as any style of music which represents a community. Folk music encompasses many aspects of human life; however, the main aspect of folk music focuses on hard times. As times change, folk music has evolved. Folk music has impacted many genres in the music industry and continues to impact the industry today. One of the most common genres that derived from folk music is bluegrass. Bluegrass music is defined as a type of folk music originating in Kentucky…

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  • Led Zeppelin IV Analysis

    Led Zeppelin IV, an album that was released without a title, has become one of the most iconic rock albums in recent memory, and an embodiment of the band itself. The heavy metal precedent set by their debut album, the almost carnal sound of their second album and the mystical acoustic vibe of their third album all come together in a triumphant culmination of epic proportions. The album is helped along by Plant’s obsession with mythology, mysticism, and the occult. All eight tracks are…

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