Glucose tolerance test

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  • Stingless Bees: A Case Study

    Gilliam et al. (1985) suggested that yeasts might play a role in metabolic conversion or preservation of food. Apparently, some genera of yeasts have been isolated from the stingless bee hive. There are two yeasts genera that frequently isolated from pollen and honey of stingless bee hive, which includes Candida and Starmerella (Rosa et al., 2003; Teixeira et al., 2003; Daniel et al., 2013). Rosa et al. (2003) also reported that other genera of yeasts have been found in propolis, adult bees, the…

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  • Gelatin Research Paper

    Gelatin itself, is as hidden as the ingredients above. Gelatin is in marshmallows, yogurt, different frosted cereals, and desserts that contain gelatin or gelatin based. As well as that, another common food item is glucose, also known as dextrose, contains animal tissues, some glucose does come from fruit and not animals though. Here's something that's even more shocking, bagels. You might not have ever heard about L-cysteine, but it's a chemical that's is made up of bird feathers, human hair,…

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  • Carbohydrates: Macromolecules In Plants And Animals

    monosaccharide. Examples of monosaccharide are glucose and fructose. Disaccharides include lactose and sucrose. Lastly, polysaccharides consist of cellulose (plants), starch (plants), glycogen (animals), and chitin (animals and fungi). The elements its made up of are carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Carbohydrates serve as fuel for the cell meaning carbon sources can be converted to other molecules or combined into polymers. Carbohydrates regulate blood glucose and breakdown fatty acids. Animals use…

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  • Experiment Testing Organic Molecules In Commercially Available Protein Supplements

    Experiment Testing Organic Molecules in Commercially Available Protein Supplements Introduction In this experiment, my lab partners and I examined three different samples of protein supplements in order to test for organic molecules such as sugar, starch, and protein. The average consumer that purchases protein supplements, such as those we examined in lab, use them for physical fitness. This means that they would be searching for the protein powder with the most amount of protein and least…

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  • Monosaccharides Lab Report

    the presence of monosaccharides and disaccharides. Polysaccharides are chains of linked glucose molecules. The two types of dietary polysaccharides are Amylose and Amylopectin. The Benedicts…

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  • Rate Of Respiration In Yeast

    beginning of this experiment was that various carbohydrates have different rates of respiration by a yeast culture raised on glucose. The differences in time for respiration to peak for the other sugars were due to enzyme regulation called induction. This is the time required for the glucose fed yeast culture to alter its enzymatic machinery to process sugars other than glucose for oxidative respiration. The different rates of respiration for each sugar was measured by the rate of carbon…

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  • Pantoprazole Undergoes Hepatic First Pass Metabolism

    The maximum and minimum average thickness of tablet was found to 2.26 mm and 2.13 mm. None of the formulation deviated from the standards. Friability Percentage weight loss in friability test was in the range 0.1% to 0.5% in nine batches prepared by direct compression. The experiment was performed in triplicate and average value was calculated. Content uniformity : The content uniformity of the entire tablet (F1 to F6) was evaluated and…

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  • The Importance Of Metabolism In The Human Body

    The term metabolism is used to name any type of process that happens in the body. It is mostly used when talking about keeping the cells alive and the body as well. Something like when our mitochondria absorbs the energy in our foods so that we can function in everyday life. Metabolism is important to maintain a stable life system of cells and the rest of our body.It mostly helps to make sure the organism survives. Metabolism mainly occurs by our cells and body absorbing the nutrients out of…

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  • Non Enzymatic Browning Research Paper

    the Maillard reaction and food processing, especially its contribution to flavor, antioxidative impacts, desmutagenic action and the change of protein funtional properties. Proteins altered by glucose, and melanoidins are crucial parts of foodstuffs while the responses of amino acids or peptides with glucose mixes create different sorts of flavor segments. Melanoidins items assume an essential part in giving antioxidative impacts. Melanoidins additionally show desmutagenic action against…

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  • Biological Macromolecules Research Paper

    Lesson 5: Structures, Functions and Roles of Biological Molecules and Enzyme Activity in Metabolism Biological Molecules/Macromolecules Plants produce their own food through photosynthesis. They manufacture mainly carbohydrates (glucose) as a source of food of many higher organisms in the food chain. It is one of the many biological molecules present in plants and needed by animals. Biological molecules are macromolecules composed of many monomers (polymer) connected through a covalent bond…

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