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  • The Negative Effects Of Stress On High School Students

    stake’ tests include SAT’s, ACT’s, EOG’s, and other standardized tests. These ‘high stake’ tests require many hours of studying and a large amount of stress on students. Researchers at Cornell University say too much stress can cause students to “choke under pressure”. This means after the great deal of stress the students go through, they can forget the information and perform poorly on the test. ‘High stakes’ testing is not a good way to tell what a student has learned. The ‘high stake’ tests…

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  • Standardized Testing Affecting Students Education

    Students have been taking standardized tests since their early elementary school days. The number of tests students must take is overwhelming. On average, those in 3rd through 8th grade, grades that are mandated to have annual testing by federal law, take about 10 standardized tests each school year. Some communities that have a greater number of district mandated tests have students take up to 20 tests a year (Lazarin 19). Education policies such as the No Child Left Behind Act and the current…

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  • Merit Pay For Teachers

    University, teachers who were offered bonuses based on improving student test performance did no better than the control group. These results have led to some schools in New York and California to eliminate their merit pay systems. Another caveat of merit pay is that it could increase the amount of test prep and standardized tests that students are asked to take if that is how teachers are judged. More tests means more money and more tests could lead to student…

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  • The Importance Of Standardized Testing

    provided equal opportunities for all children. Previously an assessment of accomplishment, these tests morphed into a standard of ability. Intelligence tests grew in popularity in the twentieth century. The Army Alpha and Beta Tests identified and separated the slower learners from the highest achievers. The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, began in the 1920’s and is still prominent today. These high-stake tests hold a heavy weight of importance and can be the determining factor for many…

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  • Is Standardized Testing Good Or Bad

    student success. The tests focus on math and literature drawing away from arts and sciences. The tests put an unimaginable and unnecessary amount of stress on a growing teen balancing work, family, and relationships, and they discriminate against the poor and various racial groups by making their overall score worth less to the system. Standardized tests and final exams are harmful to the students and the education system as a whole. Final exams and some standardized tests are often a massive…

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  • Standardized Testing Persuasive Speech

    they prepare themselves for a schooling system with multitudes of tests. Children in these schooling systems are required by law to take standardized tests to represent their currents school. While this is seems beneficial to be funding; parents are not able to perceive how the school and teachers are attempting to construct this into the children’s schedules. Teachers are not only piling on the word for the kids preparing for these tests, but are also forcing all of this knowledge that in a…

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  • Standardized Testing Argumentative Analysis

    terror on their faces as I did. This test determined the rest of our futures; whether we’d get into the college of our dreams or not. These tests, which provide the proctors with instructions for students who vomit on their tests, cause severe stress on young children, even those who do not attend high school yet. In lieu of the overwhelming stress caused by these tests, students should not be required to take standardized tests. Is it true standardized tests don’t correctly show a student’s…

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  • Essay On High Stake Testing

    High Stake Testing test with important consequences for the test taker. Important benefits, high school diploma, scholarship, license to practice profession. failing is a disadvantage being forced to take the remedial classes until it's passed. not being allowed to drive or being able for employment. The misuse or high stake test is a controversial topic in public education in the united states where they become popular in recent years, not only to students but it attempts to increase teacher…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of SAT Testing

    According to the College Board, the SAT or the Scholastic Aptitude Test is standardized entrance exam for colleges in the United States. The SAT measures a student’s general reasoning skills, vocabulary and mathematical comprehension. As a nation, the SAT is a strong determinant in college admittance and placement. College admission personnel should place less emphasis on SAT scores because certain factors can skew test results, SATs do not measure true intelligence, and better indicators of…

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  • Standardized Testing Dbq

    yearly math and language test to students in grades one through twelve (NewYorkTimes). These tests are used to observe students intelligence. Furthermore they can help the government establish the correct amount of funding a school receives. Standardized tests have a negative impact on society. These tests are unreliable and are narrowing student curriculum. Standardized tests are an unreliable way to measure student competency. For example in “2001 a study found that test score improvements…

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