Glucose tolerance test

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  • Essay On Ascorbic Acid

    Chemistry EE Concentration of Vitamin C in Kale Word Count: IB Number: 002811-00 Introduction Research question: How do different methods of cooking, namely steaming, baking, and frying, affect the amount of ascorbic acid in Kale? In a daily diet, arguably the most important thing to get a proper amount of is vitamins. Vitamins provide countless services and roles in the human body including helping with your immune system, repairing skin and bone tissues, and converting what you eat into…

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  • Hidden Sugar Research Paper

    Hidden Sugars Are Where You Don't Think They'd Be There’s so much about added sugar that warrants your attention. Aside from how they make certain dishes sweetly irresistible, much has also been discussed about how they can get addictive and potentially lead to serious health problems (will insert link to dangers of sugar here). Dealing with these added sugars from obvious sources like candies, junk food, pastries, and the like is relatively easy - reduce your intake or just completely write…

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  • Protein And Starchloric Acid Experiment

    and negative control for each supplement. We had a total of 15 test tubes. We would observe the color of each supplement and the reagents. We recorded the color of each solution and compared them…

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  • Egg Osmosis Lab Report

    This experiment was centered on diffusion and osmosis. In order to see diffusion and osmosis in action it was required to test three different solutions on an egg: one with sugar, another with vinegar, and the last one with regular water. This would demonstrate certain interactions, and movements of the water; making the different concentrations of water visible. As stated there will be three solutions, this will help answer the question of how each type of solution will individually affect the…

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  • Caffeine Concentration Lab Report

    higher concentration would lead to the caffeine to no longer be beneficial or be in excess. Literary Citations 1) Shearer, J. Graham, T E. (2014) Performance effects and metabolic consequences of caffeine and caffeinated energy drink consumption on glucose disposal. Nutrition Reviews 72 121–136 2) Nehlig, A. Boyet, S. (2000) Dose–response study of caffeine effects on cerebral functional activity with a specific focus on dependence. Brain Research 858…

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  • Macromolecule Lab Report

    learn chemical tests for organic molecules including sugars, starch, and protein. Furthermore, it is required to perform tests, such as the Iodine, Benedict, and Biuret tests, on known solutions of the organic compounds listed to learn their positive tests and, afterwards test different…

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  • Process Essay On Cotton Candy Machine

    If you are throwing a special school or neighborhood event, a fun machine to rent is a cotton candy machine. Cotton candy is one of those mythical childhood treats that you only encounter at special events that every child should get to taste and discover. If you have a special event coming up, you can rent a cotton candy machine and provide the children at your school and neighborhood with this essential childhood experience. Here is what you need to know in order to operate a cotton candy…

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  • Junk Food Research Paper

    Table sugar is a type of simple sugar. Simple sugars include glucose, fructose, and galactose(Ancira). These sugars are quickly digested and become fat extremely quickly. This is because the digestion system can break them down extremely fast. The simple sugars are also lacking disaccharides like fiber and starch which…

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  • Gelatin Research Paper

    Gelatin itself, is as hidden as the ingredients above. Gelatin is in marshmallows, yogurt, different frosted cereals, and desserts that contain gelatin or gelatin based. As well as that, another common food item is glucose, also known as dextrose, contains animal tissues, some glucose does come from fruit and not animals though. Here's something that's even more shocking, bagels. You might not have ever heard about L-cysteine, but it's a chemical that's is made up of bird feathers, human hair,…

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  • Stingless Bees: A Case Study

    Gilliam et al. (1985) suggested that yeasts might play a role in metabolic conversion or preservation of food. Apparently, some genera of yeasts have been isolated from the stingless bee hive. There are two yeasts genera that frequently isolated from pollen and honey of stingless bee hive, which includes Candida and Starmerella (Rosa et al., 2003; Teixeira et al., 2003; Daniel et al., 2013). Rosa et al. (2003) also reported that other genera of yeasts have been found in propolis, adult bees, the…

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