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  • Independent Contractors

    Independent contractors are usually people considered to be lawyers, doctors, accountants, or even auctioneers who in a manner of speaking are professionals who present their services to the general public. Still an individual can be considered an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or exact only the effect of the work and not the outcome of the performance. An employee would be defined as an individual who works either full or part-time under an agreement of employment,…

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  • Contract Betwee Advantages

    service means there is an employer–employee relationship; a contract for services means there is a principal–independent contractor relationship” . A series of tests have been established to distinguish the working relationship of a person to understand if they are an employee or not. The Court of Appeal located terms of written contract between an employee and an independent contractor. In the ERA the test is “…employer 's actions, and how the employer acted… a fair and reasonable employer…

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  • Gig Economy Model

    happy with their current situation. Many other workers in the gig economy set up can sympathize with the Uber drivers as well. Currently, most gig economy workers are classified as independent contractors rather than employees, and while that may seem trivial, being classified as an independent contractor means that you have no claim to any employment benefits. Along with the possible ramifications of unpaid…

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  • Morgan Cab Co. V. Industrial Comm

    ARGUMENT I. THE PETITIONER, IN THIS CASE, WAS AN EMPLOYEE OF PLUS BUILDING, INC., AND NOT AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. Respondent claims that Petitioner Mr. Kroplewski was not an employee of Plus Building, Inc., but an independent contractor. Although there is no rigid rule of law to determine whether an employer-employee relationship exists between parties, such determination depends on the particular facts of the case. The range of factors is considered in making that determination…

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  • Case Study Of Cesar Bailey V. PPI

    their arrangement was a mutual one.”(Beamount) The court found that the decision of a mutual termination pointed to an Independent contractor, rather than an employment relationship. PPI and Cesar signed an agreement that stated Either PPI or Bailey could terminate the agreement at any time within a 45 day notice. Which indicates Cesar to be an independent contractor. However, in Angelotti, “Second Mate retained the…

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  • Is The General Will Always Right Analysis

    Philosophy 2400 Zhiyuan Li Is the general will always right? In November 2014, China released a draft amendment to its Criminal Law, including exempting nine crimes from the death penalty. However, a considerable number of people almost immediately expressed their strong disagreement on lightening punishment for those crimes and asked for the most severe punishment instead. If we regard reducing death penalty crimes as the general will, or what is best for the whole society, the opponents might…

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  • Glass Ceiling Theory In The Military

    There is no doubt that there exist institutional and individual bias in promotion board process.” In order to have an increase in blacks as general officers, would be to (1) make the promotion board more transparent, allowing the members to understand the promotion criteria in which the board members base their selection on. (2) remove any indication of the officers assign branch/job and (3)…

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  • The Crash Ken Cosgrove Analysis

    In the opening scene of the episode, “The Crash,” Ken Cosgrove is shown in a car with Chevy executives. They are loudly encouraging him to speed. One pulls out a gun and then the other covers Ken’s eyes, leading to them getting into an accident. This is the first we are seeing of Chevy’s treatment of Ken. Clearly, they are reckless both with their own safety but particularly with Ken’s. It almost seems like they are trying to get him killed. In light of this theory, Ken Cosgrove could easily be…

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  • Michelin Ballymena Factory Analysis

    HRM within MICHELIN as the organisation sets to completely shut down its Ballymena tyre factory in 2017 with the first leg of redundancy starting in May 2016. The shutting down of this plant may automatically make 860 employed staff and about 500 contractors redundant. The announcement of the closure was made on the BBC News on the 18th of November, 2015 by the organisation stating that there is a need to reduce overcapacity by shutting down the Ballymena plant and that the organisation will…

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  • Pierre Martell Home Builder Comparison

    innovations are, Martell Home Builders and General Motors Company. Pierre Martell, founder of Martell Home Builders in Moncton, New Brunswick started his business in 2006. Pierre 's goal was to only provide the best service to his customers and he exaggerates that even in the web address,, experience is even in the name and it speaks. Creativity and innovation plays a major roll in Martell 's Home Builders, for example on all of the contractors ' vehicles there is a…

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