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  • What Are EEO Compliance Requirements That Impact A Federal Subcontractor?

    workforce. Affirmative Action’s help create a diversified workforce which could help an organization. I will discuss EEO compliance requirements that impact a federal subcontractor such as, Executive Order 11246, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act. Further, I will explain some of the components of an Affirmative Action plan and expounded upon placement goals. Lastly, I will explain how Affirmative Action goals go hand-in-hand with an organization’s strategic HR plan. Discuss additional EEO compliance requirements that impact a federal subcontractor. Executive Order 11246.…

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  • Maintenance Services Case Study

    Contractor personnel are required to comply with Government security requirements to preclude potential security incidents or violations, including potential unauthorized disclosure or compromise of classified and/or controlled unclassified information. If a change in the security classification of the contract/order from an unclassified to a classified status becomes necessary after contract/order award, the Contractor shall make a reasonable effort to continue performance of work under the…

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  • Cuhel's Restaurant Case Study

    1Organizational BackgroundPhysical Geography of BusinessThe purpose of this section is for the physical background of Cuhel’s Fine Dining Restaurant. Cuhel’s has four stations which include a Thermal printer in the kitchen, a computer in the main office for the management, two waitress/waiter stations one in the bar area and one in the kitchen area. The stations in the Cuhel’s restaurant are using a program called Toast. Which is a program for restaurant function. In the dining room there is…

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  • Current Sociological Theory

    law enforcement. Local law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are able to acquire military grade equipment from the Department of Defense (DOD) through two different programs. The first of these was sanctioned by the National Defense Authorization Act of 1997, Section 1033. Known as the 1033 Program this allows surplus DOD supplies and equipment to be transferred by the Secretary of Defense to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Since the inception of the program over 5 billion…

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  • Hawaii's Homeless Population: Case Study

    There are numerous efforts to address Hawaii’s homeless population, specifically –and significantly – with government agencies and in policies. The following are a couple of interviews conducted with professionals from organizations (The Homeless Program Office and Legal Aid) that deals with homelessness, and then followed by a few of the newly introduced bills at the National and State level. Lori Tsuhako of the Homeless Program Office and The Homeless Programs Office (HPO) is an…

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  • HR Executive Summary

    Worked with local organizations to recruit employees with diverse backgrounds and language skills. Directed the employee relations, staffing, and regulatory compliance functions. Organized and tracked quantitative data, analyzed and identified trends, and provided sound recommendations based on data analysis. • Processed 6,500 timesheets weekly • Trained 1500+ employees in 3 weeks GAUTHIER CONSULTING – Sacramento, California Human Resources Training/Operations Consultant 2004 – 2006…

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  • Limited Liability Case Study

    members to contract with regard to their respective rights and obligations. The Operating Agreement addresses various matters concerning the business, including: profit allocation, managerial structure, ownership interests of the members and procedures for admitting new members or handling the withdrawal of a member. The LLC members are generally permitted to modify the Operating Agreement to accommodate the specific needs of the business, thereby offering considerable flexibility for partners…

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  • Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation: Case Study

    the city of Detroit which stems from Michigan Works!. This organization aids employers in the City of Detroit, with finding potential employees and job seekers to hire. DESC receives its funding from the federal government. Funds received from the federal government can only be used for programs and initiatives that are outlined by the Office of Management and Budget. DESC reports to the Detroit Workforce Development Board, which was established by the office of the mayor. The purpose of this…

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  • Summary: Agency Overview And Border Protection

    (U.S. CBP Staff, 2016) The Office of Air and Marine employs approximately 1,000 agents from specialized fields in its ranks; Aviation Enforcement Agents, Air Interdiction Agents, and Marine Interdiction Agents. The application process and requirements are the same for all three categories of agents within the Office of Air and Marine as for Border Patrol Agents and Customs and Border Protection Officers in that they are subjected to an interview, pre-placement medical examination, multiple…

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  • Offender Supervision Literature Review

    In the article, “Putting Public Safety First: 13 Strategies For Successful Supervision And Reentry” strategy number sixth, which is Supervise Offenders In Their Communities, seen to be the most promising strategy that allows and make offenders accessible to many opportunities to change their lives. Offenders have the opportunity to be accepted in their community once he or she is involved in rehabilitation programs, community service, Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities, Breaking…

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