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  • Heterotrophs Vs Photosynthesis Essay

    from the sun. Autotrophs who gain their energy from light, are also known as photoautotrophs and autotrophs who gain their energy from chemicals and other compounds are considered chemoautotrophs. Today we are focusing on photoautotrophs. As mentioned,…

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  • Color Criticism And Differences: The Microstate Theory Of Color

    Color skepticism is the belief that nothing truly possesses colors, since they are merely appearances to the perceiver. Although this is a sole belief on its own, there are many ways in which people have attempted to prove its validity. Some points of view include considering the scientific process behind the perception of color, while others, through a scientific lens, concentrate on what color really is, including its potential properties. However, I believe that the theory that is the most…

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  • Visual Elements Essay

    art had no organization, guidance or system. I thought that people just painted or drew pretty much whatever they wanted with no apparent rules. The Visual Elements that Getlein mentions on chapter 4 consist of the following; line shape and mass, light, color, texture and pattern and last but not least; time and motion (Getlein, 2012). These elements are intrinsically woven in art! Who would have thought that all these elements are essential to art? For example; the line is something so simple…

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  • Roller Coaster Descriptive Essay

    When you see the coaster line. The entrance door has an amazing and wacky art design with many colors. As soon as you enter the coaster there is a decent sized room with multiple mirrors that make you look like different things such as one mirror could make you look like you are very tall and skinny or another could make you very chubby and short. Once you pass that room you go into another room that is just glass above you and to your sides so it looks like you are in a tube under water which…

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  • Jalousie House Research Paper

    Jalousie windows have horizontal slats layered on top of each other and are opened using a crank. They can be opened in unison or at different angles to let in air or light. They are ideal for both commercial and residential units. When choosing the type of windows to fix in your home, it is important to consider the climate, the expectations of the space and the architectural design of the house. Windows complement the interior decor of the house. Jalousie windows are an excellent choice for…

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  • Analysis Of Matthew Hoffman's You Are Beautiful

    “You are beautiful”. Matthew Hoffman’s piece titled “you are beautiful”. This piece is an biennial panel. Installed at the Elmhurst art museum Illinois. March 2015. “You are beautiful” falls under contemporary art.”You are beautiful” provides people with an opportunity to reflect on our society and the issues that we are going through on a day to day basis.People can relate to this piece.”You are beautiful” is more than just three words.”You are beautiful” is hung at the entrance of the museum…

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  • Lab Report Physics

    experiment are to use the formula n=d sin() where “n” is an integer (representing the number of “jumps”). Further objectives for this section include the accurate and precise measurement of the aforementioned distances. These distances (that between the light arrangement and the wall as well as that between two dots (n=1)) are then used in the equation to find sin() (Sin(x)= opposite/hypotenuse). The final goal of this part is to be able to accurately and effectively calculate the value of d, by…

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  • Photosynthesis Research Paper

    absorbing the sun’s light and then make the sugars within the chlorophyll located in the plant as shown in figure 1. After plants use the Sun's light to make their food (sugar), plants release oxygen into the air. The oxygen is very important because humans and animals need it to breathe as I mentioned above…

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  • Sun Light Research Paper

    The light we see from the sun is not exactly the light that comes to the earth from the sun. We see sunlight as being whitish in color, but it actually is a blend of the colors of the rainbow. The reason we see it this way has to do with the way our eyes perceive color. This is because, “Our eye contains three kinds of light-sensitive cells, each sensing a different band of colors--one band centered in the red, one in the green and one in the blue” (“(S-4) The Many Colors of Sunlight,” 2006).…

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  • Ghost Light Analysis

    Ghost Light is a play written and performed by Shawn Wright and directed by Thomas Morgan Jones. I attended the performance at Theater New Brunswick’s Open Space theater in Fredericton, New Brunswick on Friday November 25th 2016. The one-man show told the story of a boy native from Saint John, New Brunswick. That boy was in fact the actor himself, you were transported in his world through a heartfelt and authentic performance. The play as inspirational as it could be told the audience that it is…

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