Friday Night Lights

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  • Personal Narrative-Handedly Changed My Life

    Being raised in a strict four person family, I have always been told what to do, what not to do, and to not stray from the right path. “Focus on your future, Bethany,” my mom would always tell me, and so I did. Focusing constantly on grades and schoolwork, I dared myself to make time for a social life, and instead, I became quiet and shy. I remained shy to the public for years until one traumatic day during my seventh grade year. This particular experience single handedly changed my future by…

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  • Interrogation Room Scene

    from the luminous light above the doorway and the lamp on the desk. This symbolises the darkness of the joker as the lamp casts a light which shows the Jokers' face but possesses the space behind him hidden in darkness, the significance of this is that the Jokers' face is seen but the meaning of such an act is that it is displaying the character’s inner darkness and evil. The scenery of this scene is an interrogation room with marked white walls, a dirty floor and fluorescent lights. The only…

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  • Streetcar Named Desire Victim

    In ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, the play highlights the harshness and unfairness of society in regards to homosexuality and the treatment of woman. Especially those women who are vulnerable and have weaknesses like Blanche, she is presented as a moth-like image who is delicate and fragile because of her appearance Dubois is shown as a victim. Thus, Stanley uses her vulnerabilities to satisfy his own desires by fulfilling the American Dream and conforming to the ideal norm of the patriarchal…

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  • Autistics: The Evolution Of Ultrasound Sound

    Ultrasound has been used for many years to help diagnosis. Ultrasound describes sound frequencies beyond the range of normal human hearing and 20 kilohertz. Ultrasound uses focused low-energy ultrasound waves to visualize the interior of the body in a noninvasive and painless way. Many people are to thanks for the evolution of ultrasound. Dating back to the 1700’s. Lazzaro Spallanzani in 1793 observed that bats function efficiently in the dark, even when blinded, but not if deafened. He…

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  • Saint Cecilia

    period of art. Which had characteristics of heavy symbolism, deep and rich colors, and an attention to detail. The painting Saint Cecilia contains lighter shades than what is normal for the baroque period. Instead of rich and deep colors they are light a delicate. Though there is heaviness in the darkness of the background being darker than Saint Cecilia. The colors that make up Saint Cecilia’s dress is red, blue, and white. Blue and red are prominent colors of the Baroque period. Though…

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  • Contact Camera Research Paper

    Light is what helps us see every day, and without it we know that it would be much harder to observe our surroundings. Light helps us see the detail in objects and the beauty in our environment. Thanks to a few functions of our eye we can gather that light to form an image on our retina. For many people, eye sight tends to get worse as they age and corrective lenses are needed. Contact lenses provide a comfortable way to allow someone to see things with a 20/20 vision. To understand how the…

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  • Polarizing Filter Case Study

    important piece of equipment for a panoramic photo because it creates a stable and still stand for the camera to sit on, while the photographer only has to rotate the photo to get that effect. 4. What is contrast? Contrast is the difference between light and dark. In…

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  • Virut Sea And Baby Visual Analysis

    smaller than expected, they each had amazing detail. “Beirut Sea and baby” by Lahib Jaddo is a stunning acrylic on panel art work that caught my eye and blocked out the rest of the exhibitions. This acrylic on panel piece contains from, content, color, light contrast, scale and proportion and sets a happy tone. Form and content take place in every piece of art. Form refers to a three dimensional work of art. It is the concept that encapsulates all visible features. For example, what techniques,…

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  • Heart Of Darkness Symbolism

    to darkness (Conrad). Marlow had what looked like such a bright future because he had such good morals and wanted to do great things, but he went into the Congo and became evil and corrupt just like the others, because he was blind to the truth and light that he originally wanted to bring. He viewed Kutrz so great that he wanted to be just like him and do everything he could to achieve that. Kurtz, however, was already evil and blind to his wickedness as well. Kurtz was so caught up in…

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  • Spinach Photosynthesis Lab

    The Effect of the Light Source Distance on the Photosynthesis Rate of Spinach Leaves Introduction: We studied the reaction rate of photosynthesis of spinach leaves from various distances from the light source. Our experiment followed the Biology 152 Photosynthesis Lab. We varied the distance from the leaves and the light source. Our distances we tested were 0, 12, and 24 inches from the light source. This experiment is important in the real world in green houses. The goal is to have plants…

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