Friday Night Lights

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  • Koaye Anderson's Narrative-Home

    explosions, shouting and the impacts of feet hitting hot hard concrete. Then, a single gunshot, a flash of light, then nothing. Absolutely nothing, which is surprisingly difficult to visualize. Koaye Anderson then finds herself in a simple white land. There is no wildlife, no wind or water, and no sky. Even though there is no visible light source, light still makes it into her eyes. Before the flash of light, she was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt, but now, she is wearing a long white…

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  • Color In Oedipus The King

    Oedipus Rex is a story of fate, fortune, lightness, darkness, and how our refusal to see the truth in life can hurt us greatly. It is important to see what every theme’s meaning is in this tale what story the director wishes to tell. In the story of the great ruler of Thebes, Oedipus has ordered his brother-in-law, Creon, to go to the house of Apollo to ask an oracle how to end the plague spreading throughout Thebes. Creon returns with the good news that the plague will leave Thebes once the…

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  • Spinacia Oleracea Synthesis Lab Report

    The energy used to drive the chemical reactions within photosynthesis comes from the sunlight absorbed by the chlorophyll molecules (Merzlyak, Chivkunova, Zhigalova, & Naqvi 2009). These chlorophyll molecules then transfer the light energy to chloroplasts and that light energy is converted into chemical energy (Merzlyak, Chivkunova, Zhigalova, & Naqvi 2009). The purpose of this experiment was to observe what the absorbance spectrum of Spinacia oleracea extract was and what the absorbance…

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  • Snow Effect Analysis

    In all of the paintings there are one or two grainstacks in a variety of different weather and light conditions . Grainstacks (Snow Effect) is, as the title suggests, a representation of two grainstacks, one larger and closer to the viewer and one smaller farther away grainstack slightly behind the first, painted after a snowstorm has partially covered…

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  • Food Dye Lab Report

    The purpose of the Determining Food Dye Content Lab was to identify the food dye coloring in green apple Gatorade, and determine the dye’s concentration to ultimately recreate a solution containing the same concentration of dyes as the original. To determine the concentration of the dyes present in the green apple Gatorade, a spectrometer was used to measure the wavelengths and absorbance values for the given dyes. A sample of the green apple Gatorade was tested in the spectrometer to measure…

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  • Call Bell System

    it was to answer them. There was a research done around call bell “The first, and perhaps most problematic aspect of the call bell issue, is that of answering the light. This category includes whose job it is to answer the bells, where the light is answered (either at the nurses' station or in the room), and how long it takes for the light to be answered” (Deitrick, 2006). The staff would pass on the responsibility with each other as they all believe they are too busy to answer the call bell and…

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  • Sin In Ann Rand's Anthem

    “It is a sin to write this. It is a sin to think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see.” In the novel Anthem, written by Ann Rand, Equality's eventful assessment of his sin is one hundred percent correct.When he escapes, he discovers that he’s been living in a lie for a very long time. No one was to make their own decisions or stand up for what they believed in. It was a sin to be yourself because being yourself was a sin that could get you punished for a very long time. It…

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  • Color Red Research Paper

    associated with purity, innocence, brilliance, religion, humility, genuineness, and perfection. It is frequently used to represent coolness and simplicity. To the human eye, the color white is a bright color that can trigger headaches. In very bright light, the color white can even be blinding. The color white affects the mind and body by serving in mental clarity, promoting feelings of fresh beginnings and revitalization, assisting in purification, clearing obstacles and clutter, and…

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  • Benefits Of Migraines

    just a headache. Migraines are severe, excruciating headaches, but are known to be a serious concern. There is no exact cause to migraine headaches, but some major effects that can cause them are bad posture, flashes of light, nausea or vomiting, and increased sensitivity to light. Stress is another major cause of migraines. But, there are many different types of migraines. Although, the employer has the duty to accommodate to employees’ needs, if there is anything that is causing them from…

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  • Being Thankful

    “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have” Socrates. What a powerful quote. Think about it for just a moment, how many times do you go through your day and truly do not give a thought to all the little things in your life. Until now I felt that being thankful for small things in life was enough. I would think “people in my life know I love them and that I thankful for everything they are to me”, but do they really? It is my new…

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