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  • Billy The Kid Research Paper

    Throughout history, society and culture has consistently evolved and transformed ushering in better opportunities for people willing to work hard. During the 19th century, the United States began expanding westward exploring and settling its new territories all the way to the Pacific ocean. With this great expansion came the need to connect the nation from coast to coast, resulting in the development of a transcontinental railroad that could transport an individual across the expanse of the…

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  • The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

    Jakie Deily Organizational Assessment Purpose of Agency The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps people survive and rebuild their lives in the face of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. They are currently serving people whose lives have been upended by war, natural disasters, and conflict. Their work is multifaceted as they work in countries where people need support to recover from a crisis, respond to help countries stabilize and assist people in rebuilding their lives, and…

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  • Describe Work Experience

    I reside in South Central Los Angeles, California. 2. What is your current profession? Describe your work responsibilities. (If desired, you don 't have to include the name of your employer.) I currently work as a temporary receptionist at Children Institute, Inc. (CII). As a receptionist, I mostly provide the day to day administration of CII front desk reception and informed parents about our Head Start program. CII is a non-profit organization. Children Institute Inc. offers many…

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  • Los Angeles Advantages And Disadvantages

    We chose Los Angeles to be the home of the Stingrays because Los Angeles is one of the only biggest cities in the country that doesn 't have a football team there, but also Los Angeles is one of the wealthiest cities in America, and it 's also surrounded by wealthy cities such as, San Jose and Silicon Valley. The average age in Los Angeles is about 34 which means most of the people in the Los Angeles region are employed. The average household income is about $55,000 which shows that families can…

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  • How Should We Treat The Environment Essay

    How we should treat the environment? Do we have a moral responsibility to preserve the environment? The state of our environment these days is very crucial. Weather changes all the time. On summer days, we can expect the sun always brightly shining. During fall and winter, we can expect a calmer weather. But these have changed over time. It rains in the summer more than usual and it gets hot in fall and winter times. The weather change has been the new norm. Sometimes, the weather gets too dry…

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  • Diversity Reflective Statement

    United States: The View from Prince George 's County, Maryland by the program’s director, Judith Freidenberg. These same analyses led to my honors thesis, “Cultural Perceptions of the Maryland DREAM Act in Prince George’s County”, in which I drew on the concept of enculturation, and theories from human development to identify social factors and dimensions of identity that influenced perceptions of the Maryland DREAM Act on residents of Prince George’s county. Dr. Freidenberg also acted as my…

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  • The Importance Of Staying At DTM Records

    If you’re looking for a recording studio that’s close to the Saint Louis, MO vicinity, DTM Records is the right service for you. We serve Saint Louis, Florissant, Hazelwood and other nearby communities. DTM Records is an established and reputable company that you can depend on to put your hard work as a musician together. This task is not difficult as long as you can rely on the right professionals to get your work compiled exactly the way you want it. When you have a passion for music it is…

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  • My Family, My Hometown And My State

    It’s thought-provoking how everything is interconnected when you look back on it historically. My family, my hometown, and my State can be viewed like a Venn diagram with logical connections between them. Taking a snapshot of 1998 was interesting. I never considered where my family was or what they were doing the year I was born. The city and state where I grew up were dealing with some exciting and some difficult problems such as corruption, an archeological find, severe weather, and historic…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Mazzetti's

    the bakery donates financially to, as well as caters the breakfast and dinner, for the “Devil’s Slide Ride” which supports PARCA, an organization that works to help improve the lives of the developmentally-disabled and their families in San Mateo County. Additionally, Mazzetti’s has helped with many school fundraisers and sponsored local sports teams, furthering their visibility and giving back to the community. Some of Mazzetti’s best marketing comes from the bakery’s numerous awards, as they…

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  • The Role Of Homelessness In The Community

    There are a lot of homeless people in our society today; there are all kind of races and ethics. Many of them are veterans that come home from war and lost everything that they had. Some communities try and help the homeless as much as they can but you never know who is actually homeless or not. Every exit that you get off at there will most likely be someone sitting there with a sign homeless anything helps. You want to give something to them but then you think do they really need it. The…

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