Forms of Socially Accepted Violence Essay

  • Gender In Tough Guise 2

    constantly favors men and male gender performance, our society breads and conceals men’s sexual violence against women. These hierarchies, institutions, and privileges not only perpetuate the cycle of men’s violence against women, but also continue to mask men’s overwhelming contribution to the issue of sexual violence against women. Hierarchies of difference play a pivotal role in how our society and media reacts to sexual violence. Jackson Katz, in his documentary Tough Guise 2, focuses on how the dominant group in these hierarchies of difference often stay unmentioned when the issue of sexual violence is discussed. Kats asserts that “in each case, the dominant group- white people, heterosexual people, men- don’t get examined” (Tough Guise 2). Although a vast majority of sexual assaults are perpetrated by men, particularly white men, sexual violence remains a women’s issue that is committed by a genderless entity. Men, being the advantaged hierarchical group, commit 98% of the sexual violence in the US, but our society titles the issue “violence against women.” For anyone that wants to end sexual violence against women, this fact holds importance in finding the source of the problem. I, like Jackson Katz, argue that the hierarchical advantage given to men by society allows men to remain unmentioned as the main perpetrators of sexual violence against women, and intern perpetuates the violence without tackling the real source of the problem. This leads one to question why…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Honour Killings

    Should honour killings be seen as similar to other forms of domestic violence? Honour killings and domestic violence are both forms of gender violence, which control and undermine the autonomy of women. However, this is not widely accepted due to the perception the West has of honour killings as a cultural issue. Within this essay, I will explore the West 's perception of honour killings as a cultural problem, which stereotypes and judges minority cultures, ignoring the real issue of violence…

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  • Definitions Of Child Abuse In Western Society

    natural or a biological stage of life. During the course of this essay, it will be argued that in Western society families and childhood are socially constructed and definitions of childhood change with definitions of child abuse and neglect through space and time. Families are socially constructed because they are seen as this safe, stable, loving, heterosexual, patriarchal and nuclear family (Mandell & Duffy, 2011, p.278). There is also this belief that families are a safe haven and a place…

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  • Rap: Looking For The Perfect Beat Analysis

    means. The most significant aspect in the documentary “Rap: Looking for the Perfect Beat” is that it articulates how hip-hop is not something that stereotypically promotes gang affiliation, violence, and drug activity, but that hip-hop is essentially a unique form of art. The documentary “Rap: Looking for the Perfect Beat” focuses on the aspect that hip-hop is limitless as there are no bounds as to what is accepted or not. That is what art is. There is a wide array of expression through…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Binary Gender System

    The binary gender system is the accepted notion in the society which labels gender as two different and opposite forms i.e. men and women. The system makes it easier to understand how society works as it assigns the identity to both males and females where males are supposed to be masculine and females feminine. It also establishes the roles in the society and creates a ‘normal’ society in which a woman does housework, takes care of the family and the man is the breadwinner of the family.…

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  • The Psychological Effects Of Todays Traumatized Children

    Todays Traumatized Children domestic violence is harrowing on even the strongest of people, although being a child and growing up in such a volatile environment makes it even more traumatizing. No wonder these children are developing psychological problems, writes Teresa Harris. Child witnesses of Domestic Violence Are Socially and Mentally disadvantaged. Children are the most important thing to the future of Australia, Australians need to discern, that domestic violence traumatizes…

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  • The Effects Of Reality Television On Gender Differences

    increased exposer to media would increase the level of social aggression participants exhibited. Researchers measured media use, social aggression and perceived realism in a self report survey. Participants included 174 (majority female) high school students (14-18 years old). Researcher found that girls spent more time watching socially aggressive reality shows than boys. Additional results showed that most viewers didn 't view reality television as highly realistic. Researchers found a…

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  • Nature Of Sexual Violence In Contemporary Conflict

    Critically examine the nature of sexual violence in contemporary conflict. Illustrate your answer with reference to at least one case study. Contemporary conflict can be viewed as a social process where two or more people seek to either threaten or destroy the opponent’s purpose, land, money or community. Despite progress in the modern world to defeat 'conflict ' and 'understand ' why it occurs, regression of particular states are still taking place. "20th century technology and bureaucratic…

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  • Conformity In School Uniforms

    is just as nationally brought up, as the constitution song is sung by elementary youth. The tradition of it is precisely what makes an ideal stick today, and what millions of students are singing out against in the School Uniforms topic. The opposings say school uniforms cure violence and gang prone violence, prevents in-school bullying, and equalizes students, however there has been little evidence that they provide those or any benefits at all. I on the other hand strongly believe school…

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  • Mass Media As An Agent Of Socialization Essay

    socialization affect us in many ways. Many things in magazines affect the way that we live our lives and respond to daily cues in life. Seeing a picture of a model, Miranda Kerr, for example, may convince us that to be considered beautiful we must look like Miranda. They show us that our differences may not be acceptable because they are not the standard of beauty set by society. They tell young girls “you have to have this body, wear your hair like this, dress this way or wear this makeup” to…

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