I Want a Wife by Judy Brady Essay

  • Nostalgia In I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

    Nostalgia is defined as an excessively sentimental yearning for return to, or of some sort of past period or irrecoverable condition. Throughout human history, women have had a certain expectation placed onto them when they become a wife and mother. With the steps humanity has made in the right direction to create a better world and society, the stereotypes placed on women have not gone away due to nostalgia of the past. Judy Brady explores this in the article, “I Want A Wife” and she sheds on light on how partners, society, and pop culture all feed into the stereotypes of the gender roles placed onto women. In relationships, women are often expected to be the caretakers of the home, and of the children. They are expected to keep the house…

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  • Analysis Of I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

    Gender Roles in the ‘70s Judy Brady, in her tongue-in-cheek essay, “I Want a Wife”, uses irony in a few different ways to address the issue of gender inequality in the spectrum of gender roles in the 1970’s and serves as a tool to grab the readers’ attention. It is also used to add humor and to expand a judgment of a man’s perspective on gender roles. She illustrates a male’s perspective of women in that era and the irony that existed between a man’s expectations of women and what was expected…

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  • Summary Of I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

    The point of the essay “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady is that a marriage is supposed to be a partnership and is not an ownership. The essay is important because wives and husbands need to know that it takes teamwork to make a marriage be successful. The intended audience of the essay is for both husband and wife. Brady uses ethos, logos, and pathos to make her argument valid throughout the essay. Brady lists many tasks and chores that happen in a day to day basis in a marriage. She makes it clear…

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  • Argumentative Comparison: Why I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

    The essay “Why I [Still] Want a Wife” by Judy Brady is a hyperbolic piece on how a wife should act. Brady uses rhetoric by stating multiple, unrealistic ways a wife should act. I do not think Brady did well in doing this, since using exaggerations on how a wife should be loses, most audience members since they can not relate to the situations that Brady portrayed in the essay. I disagree with how Brady goes about this, since her use of sarcasm, hyperbole, and making the worst seem normal…

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  • Analysis Of I Want A Wife

    “My god who wouldn’t want a wife” is the way Judy Brady ends her essay called “I Want A Wife” published in 1971 on Ms. Magazine, through a time well known as “The second feminist wave.” During the 1960’s and early 1970’s feminists were trying to strengthen their movements and therefore focused on “ every area of women’s experience—including family, sexuality, and work” (Burkett). Brady was born in San Francisco in 1937 and was inspired to write about situations she saw happening or experienced…

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  • Women In Judy Brady's Why I Want A Wife

    such article in 1972, “Why I Want a Wife,” was showcased in a women’s magazine Ms. Magazine and read by millions of women. Judy Brady, author of the article, used sarcasm and exaggeration to reveal what she wants in a wife to showcase men’s expectations and put men into question for their double standards.…

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  • Social Life In Judy Brady's I Want A Wife

    Essay #4 In 20th century, I grew up in a family with my mom was the household keeper while my dad was the main income of the household. However, my dad share some house cleaning with my mom. At the meantime, my mom had a part time job while my mom taking care of our family. The values were a huge difference in the 17th century. In the article, “I Want A Wife” written by Judy Brady in 1791, it explained the similarities between what men and women wanted. The similarities of Brady and her husband…

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  • Gender Roles In Judy Brady's Why I Want A Wife

    In the essay, Why I Want a Wife by Judy Brady, Brady is describing and giving her opinion of life as a wife and mother, particularly a woman, in the 1970’s. In this essay, Brady is writing about the demands and requirements placed on a woman and wife in the 1970’s. The main idea of the essay is to emphasize the role of men and women in society and how unequal the roles are. Brady expresses her negative views and opinions of gender roles in this story through the use of tone, the idea of…

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  • Why I Want A Wife By Judy Jould Essay

    Breaking The Mold In the year 2017 a lot of things have changed from the times of 1972. I would even venture to say women are equal to men, for the most part. Although there is still inequality in certain cultures, religions and parts of the world, women are not seen as the docile stay at home moms and wives anymore. Woman can be the sole breadwinners in a household, women can be the female and male figures for their children and women can even not have a man in their lives at all. In “Why I…

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  • Women In Society In Judy Brady's I Want A Wife

    This is exemplified by when Brady speaks of the what will take place in the bedroom, the wife must be ready and passionate at the drop of the hat, while the woman must suppress her desires. (Brady 343) But it’s not 1972 anymore, times have changed. What was magnified tenfold in order to be seen as the social norm in 1970 is magnified one hundred times over in the twenty-first century. Judy Brady refers to her desired companion as a wife throughout the piece, but the roles described are asinine…

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