My Love for Theatre Essay

  • What Theatre Means To Me Essay

    What does theatre mean to me? As I review the questions provided for me to include in my goal statement, I feel lucky to express how theatre is unique to me and how I structure my everyday life around the dramatic arts. Anytime I act, I relish in the opportunity to be a leader, to help people, and to accomplish my actions with confidence. I started off with this philosophy at an early age and have not forgotten about it since. In my opinion, acting is not solely about the individual’s performance, but about how an individual actor can use their confidence and passion to impact other actors, enhance a production, and inspire the audience. I hope to be able to share these qualities with my peers as a part of Chapman Theatre. When I am involved…

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  • Importance Of Leadership In High School

    Throughout high school, I held numerous leadership positions both in student clubs and in professional settings. I was president of my high school 's drama club and treasurer of the Scholar 's Bowl Team. I volunteer with my former high school 's High School Prep program, a summer program to help incoming freshman get use to our school and introduce them to some upperclassmen so the transition is a little easier. I also worked as a co-director of the elementary school theatre program (K-8) and…

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  • A Career Of A Career As A Musical Theatre

    show time. To be able to perform live for a crowd is something I’ve dreamed of doing. I would like to be a musical theatre actress when I grow up. An actor is someone who portrays and interprets roles using speech, body motions, and other skills. A musical theatre actor specializes in acting, while also singing and dancing to music. "In this career, you must memorize lines and actions from a script and perform them in the manner of the character you 're portraying. This job requires you to…

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  • Theatre For Social Change Reflection Paper

    Theatre for social change was an unknown concept to me before two weeks ago. Sure, I probably had overheard someone say something that relates to that concept before. However, until I considered enrolling in a class about it, I had never paid attention to the concept. When I first read the name, the perception I got was that this was going to be a class about analyzing how plays impact different events and movements happening in the world. After extended thought, I realized how wrong I was. The…

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  • Desire Under The Elms And The Glass Menagerie Analysis

    Desire Under the Elms and The Glass Menagerie In our lives, we are surrounded by moments of tragedy that drive our will to keep moving forward. Our life experiences can relate to the famous stories that playwrights have written throughout history. Playwrights are masters at combining theatre elements of tragedy, religion, violence, and numerous relative elements that the audience embrace faithfully. Today, Greek and Roman influence is the main topic since they have inspired the famous plays…

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  • Importance Of Integrated Teaching In Arts Education

    I am applying to the Integrated Teaching Through the Arts M.Ed. program. I currently work in arts education and have been searching for ways to connect my curriculum to core academic subjects. I believe that your program is suited to teach students to navigate this specific challenge. For me, one of the most exciting aspects of Lesley’s program is that it is structured in a way that will allow me to continue my work, and that I will be able to immediately apply my learning to my teaching and…

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  • Compare And Contrast Watching A Movie At Home

    “Watching a movie @ home and watching a movie @ the theatre” Everyone loves to watch movies. For some people it’s difficult because some like to go places, so they would rather go to the theatre. Some people are very lazy so they would rather stay home. Everybody has a reason why they would rather watch a movie at home or the theatre, and here are some reasons why I think watching a movie at home is different from watching a movie at the theatre. Watching a movie at home it’s free. You…

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  • Timothy Sheader's Response To Into The Theatre

    Upon starting this course, theatre to me was just an act put on in a room for an audience. As I began this class, theatre became much more. I was able to understand that theatre is not just an act put on in a room for an audience, yet it is a well thought out production between directors and actors to ensure the audience is getting the best show possible from any angle in the theatre. Theatre also is a form of art and tells a story through acting, singing, and dancing in the background of…

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  • Analysis Of Being Black And Pursuing Musical Theatre

    Being Black and Pursuing Musical Theatre Imagine yourself in kindergarten and having your teacher ask you “What do you want to be when you grow up”? From a young age, my answer was always different each time someone asked me about my potential career. I wanted to be a professional dancer, a hair stylist, an author, and so much more. As I grew older, I discovered a career where I could be all of these things onstage. I was twelve when I first introduced the idea of pursuing musical theatre in…

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  • A Career For A Career As A Director

    realization that we are not in a stable career field. With that being said, it is in our best interest to have a backup plan of other possibilities in the arts so that we do not find ourselves wailing in the idea that we went to college for nothing. I am studying theatre in the performance aspect, concentrating in acting. I am actually leaning more towards the entertainment field rather than the artistic field, which does not require any sort of theatre education on a collegiate level, however I…

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