Interior Design of My Dream house Essay

  • Dream House Ideas

    inspirations for houses “If I were asked to say what is at once the most important production of art and the thing most to be longed for; I should answer, a beautiful house …” There aren’t many who would disagree with 19th century’s most eminent designer and novelist William Morris. Over the years, the family houses have changed a lot. New artistic influences and technological developments have left their marks on home architecture. But these evolutions have little or no impact on the aspiration of building a dream house for oneself and one’s own family. Home design ideas You can roughly segregate any home architecture into two categories – classical and modern. When we speak of classical architecture, we mean anything that remained…

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  • Interior Design Personal Statement

    agriculture and sports. I try not to give where I grew up any credit for my academic success and passion for interior design, but honestly, growing up where I did gave me the strongest push to make something important of myself and my life. Growing up an only child, I was often forced to find creative ways to entertain myself. It was quite hard to play board games, sports, and even with toys without another child around. Because of this, I spent a lot of my time focusing on coloring, building…

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  • My Experience For Your Interest In Interior Design

    interest in interior design. Why did it have an impact? Any experience where I traveled internationally invigorated my interest in interior design more than domestic travel. Seeing how different cultures thought of design and translated their local needs to design was most interesting to me. For the sake of the question, I will pull from a high school trip to Spain that I took since I have the most recollection of it. Over the course of the trip, I stayed in three different cities within…

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  • The Concept Of Expressionism In The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari

    We Die at Dawn: Interior Droning Writing for Interiors Journal on the subject of interior design in Expressionist film, Architectural Designer, Mehruss Jon Ahi states, “These films focus on a reality that has been invaded and plagued by the irrational and cynical thoughts of its characters, and consequently, the sets in these films resemble their distress.” (Ahi, No other Expressionist film represents this stated distress better than Robert Weine’s 1920 classic, The Cabinet of…

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  • William Morris And William Bradley

    In this essay I will be looking at the two designers, William Morris and William H. Bradley. They have each had a huge impact in their respective artistic fields during the 1800 and 1900’s. I am investigating their respective inspiration, philosophy as well as how these inspiration reflected in their work. How will these two designers have an impact on how I perceive artwork that is expressed in my photography? I am giving a short history on both William Morris and William H Bradley to…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Teacher?

    I moved seven times throughout my whole academic career due to divorce, changing homes, and being relocated due to my parent’s job. I saw many different houses, and with every different house, I saw a different school and many different teachers. Through this, I discovered all teachers are not created the same and I experienced many different types of teachers. I have had teachers who only cared about the jocks, teachers who do not like to teach, but do it only for the pay heck, and teachers who…

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  • Dualism In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

    The fading nature of Willy Loman's mind causes a myriad of shifts in both time and space. The quick shifting make the set design for any version of this show crucial. One second the present sits effortlessly in the house and the next it flies years into the past. The outcome usually creates a very technically rewarding show. While theatrical performances of the play never cease to get these shifts right, often times the shifts are smoother and better on film. Essentially, Miller wrote a play…

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  • Architectural Photography Case Study

    architectural photography has gradually turned into wider ranging type of photography in the visual mediums. During mid 1920s, it appeared to be more conceptual and creative, and photographers started to try out different resources ad diagonal lines, lights and shadows in their photographic works, as well as other innovations as significant elements to highlight. View camera has the advantages that the lens could be shifted or tilted relative to its film plane; therefore it has been used for…

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  • Which Of The Following Works Demonstrates The Futurists Interest In Motion Essay

    | ____ 22. Henry Moore's great series of reclining nudes is said to have been inspired by __________. |a. |an African ancestral figure | |b. |a Chinese figure of Guanyin | |c. |a pre-Columbian figure, the Chacmool | |d.…

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  • P1 Fashion Trends

    P3 describe how a fashion trend is influenced in its development Fashion and trends can be seen in all aspects of culture such as, literature, art, food, religion etc. However my report would be related specifically to clothing. Fashion trends tend to change very often, some last longer than others. This could further be divided into two terms; • Fashionable: this is used to describe a current popular style. • Unfashionable: this is used to describe the style that is out of date or not popular…

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