How to become a Cyber Security Expert Essay

  • Cyber Security Goal

    Why is Cyber Security a rising priority? Cyber security has always been a huge concern ever since the internet came out. There are 3 main branches of Cyber Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accessibility. Every cybercrime out there violates one of these branches. Confidentiality deals with information that isn’t accessible to the public, Integrity deals with information that has been altered, and Accessibility deals with something being able to access. The first computer like invention happened in the 1950s. Everything started with IBM mainframes. These are basically huge computers. The point of these mainframes is to run commercial applications process data in bulk, plan resources and work out transaction processing for large business companies. Some of the early mainframes didn’t have large interactive interfaces. They were used by accepting punch cards, paper tape, or magnetic tape to transfer data and install programs. They couldn’t update their program easily which lead to interactive terminals rather than program development. As computers began to spread, one of the first deadly viruses began to spread. In 1989, Robert Morris created what is known as the first computer worm. This virus was able to rapidly spread and closed down 10% of the internet. This attack was known as one of the first DoS attacks (Denial of Service). This is what fueled the thinking of Cyber Security. This was the foundation for cyber security to build on.…

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  • Evolution Of Cyber Security

    information in one place, the cell phone has become one of the most targeted devices for cyber-attacks according to the FCC (FCC Cybersecurity). With information changing and being exchanged so fast, it comes down to Cyber Security experts to keep it safe. From the 90’s to now, Cyber Security has evolved with the technology it’s meant to protect. When the World Wide Web was invented, its primary purpose was to make sharing of research between universities and other facilities easier and more…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cybersecurity

    With industry “experts” declaring that there will be one billion cybersecurity up for grabs in 2016, I may have to hire my teenager this year. Alright, so I fudged the numbers a little, there are only one million “cybersecurity” jobs [1] up for grabs. One million is a big number with regards to “cybersecurity” considering that in March of 2015, there were then, 209,000 vacant “cybersecurity” jobs. Such strange numbers. I visited the “de-facto” technology “help wanted” website ( just…

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  • Case Review: The Face Behind The Screen

    those that have been hacked, and those that will be” (Crowley 12). Cyber security is a constant problem in this world; people use the internet daily, which hackers can easily circumvent. Law enforcement agencies have now started Cyber Divisions for local, state, and federal investigative cases. According to the Detective at the Rapides Parish Sheriff Cyber Division, “a Cyber Forensics Analyst is someone who recovers digital information and data from computers and storage devices” (Gunter).…

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  • My Goals For After High School

    to a certain school or job. My goal for after high school is to go to college for cyber security and software engineer which should enable me to go into a broad spectrum of different jobs. When preparing for my career in cybersecurity and software engineering, I have to think about where I would like to go to school and how to plan for that. My current plan for pursuing an education is to go to Gilbert Community College for a year then transfer to Arizona State University. With this plan, I can…

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  • • How Does The Agency Ensure Diversity In The Recruiting Process Case Study

    How does the agency ensure diversity in the recruiting process? The FBI has a serious commitment to ensure diversity and inclusiveness of all races, genders, and cultures. To ensure that the agency commitment is being fulfilled, the agency track the successes of their diversity initiatives (Hartmann,2002). The particular initiatives includes; providing EEO-related training, such as cultural diversity, to every employees. As well as monitors and reporting employment practices, such as their…

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  • The Importance Of Israeli Cyber Security In Israel

    Cybersecurity Techniques in the US Cyber security is more vulnerable than ever before. This is because of technological advancements, especially increased reliance on interconnected computer and telecommunication networks; a broad range of modern economic activity is more vulnerable to exploitation by terrorists or other adversaries. One of the biggest concerns in the cyber defense world is the possibility of a major infrastructure attack. Therefore the dire need to improve the United States’…

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  • Environmental Impact Of Cyber Security

    The contribution to business practice will show how cyber-security in relation to cyber-attacks result in a profound impact on businesses and that implementing cyber security measures protects businesses from attacks (German, 2016). Therefore, businesses must understand that in light of recent world events, the cyber health and welfare of their customers are important, and not just for a consumer to business perspective. With the increase and scope of cyber-attacks, it becomes imperative that…

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  • The Importance Of Cyber Security

    used. By the use of Google Scholar, EBESCOhost and proQuest I reviewed the literature pertaining to cyber awareness, cyber security, cyber attacks, the economic fallout from cyber attacks and the state of businesses taking preventative measures. Furthermore, I reviewed the literature based on the need for individuals to concern themselves with cyber awareness. Information gathered from 38 sources up to this point provided the content of the literature review, of which 90% or 36 out of 38 are…

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  • Algorithm: The Hacker Movie: Hacking A Computer Systems

    many people. The benefits of hacking the computer system are, hackers can know the revelation of bugs and weaknesses in a particular software, country can spy on the other nations, produce more expert programmer in the next future, and creates a great discovery in technology. Hackers usually hacking the computer systems to create a strong software, and they allow the revelations of bugs and weaknesses in a particular software. Means that, they reveal the weaknesses of the software when they…

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