My Dream House as International Doctor Essay

  • My Lifelong Dream Is To Be An International Doctor

    of human civilization was to find a decent job, marry, and buy a gargantuan house to live in for the rest of their lives. Dilapidated houses and apartments were seen as "inbetweeners" as they primarily housed students, fresh graduates, and couples saving for a house. As such, the home often reflects the situation of the person at that moment and is tightly tied to their future goals. My lifelong dream is to be an international doctor. Therefore the need for a pristine house in the future is not felt by me nor is the need that it remain in one location. Although there are certain characteristics…

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  • The Importance Of The University Of Texas

    20 greatest public school in the America. The campus size is 431 acres, with the 1300+ student organization in the school. Also, the library in the university is one of the greatest library in the world. The University of Texas was found on March 30, 1881 by the Congress of Republican of Texas. Their nick name is Longhorn and the school color is burnt orange and white. The mascot of the school is Bevo. Total number of the students enrolled in the school are 50,950. It’s also a place for every…

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  • Hope Essay: My Life-A Journey Of Hope

    My Life - A Journey Of Hope. I was born and raised in a refugee camp in Nepal. A small country that lies between tow giant countries china and India. It is the country of natural and scenic beauty. However, there is a different story in a refugee camp. A small house made of wood and plastic, unhygienic environment, not enough food and congregation of needy families. To live in a refugee camp Being refugee is not that simple as many people think. Can you imagine how hard it would be to live in a…

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  • The Dangers Of Dreams

    a. P7: Main Idea: Dreams also can alert us to dangers that are internal. Baltimore learned she had an ulcer by an alert of a dream. Other people get dreams that alert illness like cancer and heart disease. b. Paraphrasing: Mary Agnes found out that her dreams can also alert of dangers inside your body. Like for example, she dreamed that she traveled inside her body and found a boiler room in danger of blowing up. Also, she found that the dream was an alert and she went to a doctor and the doctor…

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  • My Ideal Dream

    home from camp. The first thing I was informed to do when I entered the house was that I had an essay that I needed to compose for a competition. My father notified me that the education director of the Toronto general consulate has challenged me to enroll into this three page essay competition. I agreed and accepted the challenge and began brainstorming a possible topic to write and elaborate on. Countless hours have passed as I struggled to articulate my dream on paper at the library. The…

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  • Motivation Letter Of Motivation

    All my life I have been driven by this in quest of dreams. Some people are afraid of dreaming or do nothing but dream. But few dream, and work to make their dreams true. I put myself in the second category. Raised in a liberal and progressive family, I have been fortunate to have parents who have instilled in me good values and principles, where education was always given the top priority. I achieved GPA 5.00 out of 5.00 in both Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary…

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  • Spanish Home Case Study

    If you are looking at purchasing a Spanish home then you have several options available to you. Firstly there is the traditional method of contacting an estate agency. This can be done via the web as many agencies now have websites with a large selection of properties and contact buttons. Most estate agencies in Spain now rely heavily on this method to find their clients. However some still have a long way to go with their customer service technique. Another method is to travel to Spain and…

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  • An Enemy Of The People Character Analysis

    University Press. Luebering, J. E. (2010). The 100 most influential writers. New York: Britannica Educational Publishing. Malik. F. (2011). The Qur'an in English Translation, Malik. F (Ed.) [online] available: (August 02, 2011) Malone, Irina Ruppo. (2010). Ibsen and the Irish Revival. Hampshire: PALGRAVE MACMILLAN. Maravall , José María. (1996). Accountability & Manipulation. [Online] available: (April10, 2011) Michels, Robert. 1962. Political Parties: A…

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  • Essay On Why Education Is Important To Me

    go on to college live alone away from my parents. I thought is was going to be the “life”. August of 2008 rolled around I was so excited. I had a boyfriend I was moving away from home meeting new people and enjoy college so I thought. I did not even make it a whole year I dropped out after one semester I hated college. I am 25 now and I am still working on this amazing thing I thought was called college. Take one, I have always grown up in the church my dad was a youth pastor for 17 years my…

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  • Impmencing Residency In Internal Medicine

    I have always looked forward to commencing residency in internal medicine. the day I would begin a residency program in Internal Medicine. I was motivated to pursue this path by my early childhood experiences which have been strengthened by my ( medical school education at--and a Masters’ degree in Public Health at---that is in progress.) academic experience including a Masters’ degree in Public Health that is in progress. Prior to my admission to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria, I was…

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