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  • Custom House History

    tip of Manhattan, next to Battery Park (New York Architecture 2015).” The building is actually on the site of where Fort Amsterdam used to be located. The federal government used to rent buildings which were previously constructed (New York Architecture). “In the early 19th century, however, the federal government began expanding and constructing…

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  • Essay On Safety In Construction

    4 advancement that aid in preventing construction site accidents Over the past decade great steps have been taken towards the level of advancement of safety on construction sites. This section covers materials and behavior that will help prevent as well as reduce the risk of accidents on construction site. 4.1 Smart helmet Smart helmets were made with workplace safety in mind. The smart helmet is equipped with navigation technology which safely guides its user through a construction zone, it…

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  • Compare And Contrast House And Farnsworth House

    relate to their surroundings, and how their different constructions allow the surroundings to affect the forms. Additionally, tectonics and material expression are both still very important and relevant in modern day architecture, and there are many buildings that show this. The houses similarly share the concept of being of “skin and bones” design. They are both constructed of steel and glass materials, and…

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  • Do No Harm: Discipline Policies And Practices

    EDL 610 3.2 Pillar 2 No Harm Do No Harm When it comes to the concept of Do No Harm, I believe it is a simple way of explaining schoolwide behavior expectations. It summaries the common positive behavior intervention supports expectations to be safe, be respectful, and be responsible. Additionally, it supports the rules outlined in California 's Education Code. It is essential to establish Do No Harm as an expectation for all members of a school community--including the adults. In…

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  • First Side By Side Geometry

    4.1 First Side by Side Geometry The first model shown in figure 3 was for twin tunnels already constructed at a centre to centre spacing of 3D. This model helped to identify the influence of construction sequence on surface and subsurface ground displacement upon excavating the first and second tunnels underneath the existing twin tunnels. Figure 3: First Side by Side twin tunnels 4.1.1 Surface Displacements The surface displacements at distances of 4.75m, 7.125m, 9.5m and 11.875m from the…

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  • Utopian Architecture Vs Urban Architecture

    Neither city was ever built, but his Ville Radieuse did inspire one building. Though strict, radical and nearly totalitarian in its order and symmetry, Le Corbusier used the utopian ideal formed the basis of a number of urban plans during the 1930s and 1940s culminating in the design and construction of the first Unité d'Habitation in Marseilles in 1952. Unité d'Habitation have 337 apartments in every single building, along with open facilities on the ground floor and roof. Due to the costing…

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  • Management Case Study: Fulton Hogan

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Fulton Hogan is a multinational civil construction company, with experience in the transport, water, energy, mining, land development and infrastructure sectors. The company creates, connects and cares for communities, through building and maintaining, roads, ports, airports and infrastructure, which importantly brings people together. The business contains a network of quarries, with further operations in large asphalt, emulsion and precast plants (Fulton Hogan , 2017). The…

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  • The Importance Of Making A Maintenance Plan For Preston Valley, Dallas

    I am making this maintenance plan for Preston valley, Dallas. Maintenance is defined as the work that is done to keep your building in good working condition. This is done on a regular basis. Most of the maintenance tasks are done by the building’s super, but some of the tasks can be done by officers, maintenance and repairs committee, outside contractors or the tenants themselves. Maintenance policy is a statement of principle used to guide maintenance management decision making. The purpose…

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  • Ornamentation In Architecture

    thoughts with the contemporary meaning of ornamentation, which is the meaning of ornamentation today, and at the end, I am going to share my own thoughts about ornaments. Ornamentation, which is the state of decorating an object, a room, or a building, is one of the visual elements in architecture and design. People started ornamenting their caves, homes, and objects even before history was recorded. For that, no one knows when and where did people start ornamenting, and how did the idea of…

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  • Le Corbusier: A Visual Analysis

    Introduction of paper 2: According to the comparison of movements in paper 1, as for the topic of space, I found out that Minimalism may be one step forward for functionalism to purchase the spatial freedom which required by people as time goes by. Starting from earliest times to present day, people always make great efforts to purchase the freedom of space. And the reason why the works done by Le Corbusier have a strong appeal is mainly because of his quest for freedom in architecture. In my…

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