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  • Ornamentation In Architecture

    thoughts with the contemporary meaning of ornamentation, which is the meaning of ornamentation today, and at the end, I am going to share my own thoughts about ornaments. Ornamentation, which is the state of decorating an object, a room, or a building, is one of the visual elements in architecture and design. People started ornamenting their caves, homes, and objects even before history was recorded. For that, no one knows when and where did people start ornamenting, and how did the idea of…

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  • Le Corbusier: A Visual Analysis

    Introduction of paper 2: According to the comparison of movements in paper 1, as for the topic of space, I found out that Minimalism may be one step forward for functionalism to purchase the spatial freedom which required by people as time goes by. Starting from earliest times to present day, people always make great efforts to purchase the freedom of space. And the reason why the works done by Le Corbusier have a strong appeal is mainly because of his quest for freedom in architecture. In my…

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  • Michael Camille Image On The Edge Analysis

    Michael Camille, Image on the Edge (Chapter Three: In the Margins of the Cathedral), (Harvard University Press Ann Arbor: University of Michigan University Library, Scholarly Pub. Office 1992), 77-98. In his chapter on “margins” within a Gothic Cathedral, Michael Camille examines architectural features that act as symbols of marginalization and hierarchy. He looks specifically at gargoyles, quatrefoils and misericords that depict both fantastical and monstrous figures and those that include…

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  • Similarities Between Toohey And Gail Wynand

    throughout the novel as, "second-handers," they use the success of others and make it their own so they have power. Howard Roark is not a second-hander because, he takes his love for building architecture as his power. Howard is very successful in the way he does what makes him happy, he doesn 't care if his building result in his fame, and in the end he 's the one that becomes the most successful.…

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  • My Professional Work Experience Essay

    and introduced abstract art. This interest guided me to researching online and realizing Cubism spread beyond art to influence design and architectural styles. Consequently, I began to take notice of the small details of the forms and shapes of buildings I used to obliviously pass every day on the street and at this point, I knew I found my passion and therefore, I decided to explore architecture in depth at university.…

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  • Brutalism Architecture In The 20th Century

    As a result, Brutalism Architecture became a favourable method amongst architects during the mid 20th Century. However, as Brutalism architecture grew, the importance of connection between building and its surrounding context were also taken into consideration between few architects. They believed buildings should serve the need of its inhabitant and act as a medium between nature and society. Allison and Peter Smithsons were one of the key characters that took this new ideology and implemented…

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  • Constructing The Latham Report

    Introduction Off-site construction is part of modern methods of construction (MMC) and relates to construction activities that are carried out in a high quality controlled factory environment away from the site. Subsequently, the building components fabricated in the factory, are transported to the site location in order to be assembled on-site. This leads to a greater degree of finish than in traditional piecemeal on-site construction due to elimination of on-site work and rapid site assembly.…

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  • Construction Claims Consultant Case Study

    Hiring a Construction Claims Consultant to Analyze Contract Documents A contract is the center of any agreement, no matter what industry the deal arises in. In construction deals, the contract is executed between the contractor and the property owner. A construction contract includes terms involving financing, payments, liability concerns, insurance issues, and a variety of other topics that the parties may wish to include. Should a conflict emerge during the construction, the contract must be…

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  • Air Conditioning

    but the main intention of the former is not to place it on a window. Wall air conditioners are placed directly within the wall of the building. Well, if you already have an air conditioning unit at your home, no worries! The only difference between the wall air conditioner and the central air conditioner is that the former can be mounted to the wall of the building. It also comes with a remote control for controlling the operation. This air conditioning system makes use of outdoor air to aid…

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  • Analysis Of Maurizio Cattelan's Essay 'Him'

    The image chosen for this essay is “Him” by Maurizio Cattelan. There are two images that shows the sculpture’s back and front. On the other hand, the other image depicting the placement of the sculpture portrays the actual meaning behind the creation of the sculpture. Typically, an individual will initially approach that sculpture thinking it is a innocent boy kneeling down, possibly praying or asking for forgiveness. This is expressed by the boy’s posture and arching of the back. But, the…

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