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  • Film Scene Analysis

    Filmmakers use a variety of techniques to make their films captivating to the viewers. Movie scene transition techniques include the dissolve, the wipe, the jump cut, and the fade. Camera shot and angle techniques used by filmmakers are low, high, and level camera angles, pan, p.o.v, close up, and long shot. All of those filmmaking techniques are utilized throughout the Lost Names’, “An Empire for Rubber Balls” storyboard and work together to create a special meaning for what the viewer sees on screen. Filmmakers also use many types of scene transitions to make a movie run smoothly. First, there is the jump cut. A jump cut is a rapid, jerky transition from one frame to the next. I used a jump cut for a transition from window four to…

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  • Behind The Scenes: A Film Analysis

    I always say, "There 's nothing like a good indie film." Well, at least, that 's what I say this year. I have only discovered the wonderful world of indie films in the past few months, but I 'm sold. When I happened upon the film How Can I Help? I was intrigued by the title and the premise. Furthermore, when Stephen Kassen (director, producer, writer, etc.) agreed to answer a few questions about the film, I was even more fascinated. With pleasure, he apprised me to a variety of things concerning…

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  • Elements Of Mise-En-Scene In The Film To Catch A Thief

    A Suspicious Bandit and an Inquisitive Beauty Alfred Hitchcock was a brilliant director of the mid-twentieth century directing very famous films such as Psycho (1960), Rear Window (1954), and To Catch a Thief (1955). The film To Catch a Thief, starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, is a suspense-thriller about an ex-jewel thief accused of committing crimes parallel to his work in the past. In the film, the main characters John Robie (Cary Grant) and Frances Stevens (Grace Kelly) were…

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  • Film Techniques Of The Sleepwalking Scene In Shakespeare's Macbeth

    ways. The films that were shown such as Roman Polanski, Philip Casson and Rupert Goold had their own techniques of interpreting Macbeth. In this instance, for Act 1 Scene 1 when looking at the witches, all three film clips are focused on the shots to emphasize the witches. For Act 2 Scene 2 when the clips are showing the post murder meeting of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth all films were mainly assimilated on the shots for a visually reference. And lastly. Act 5 Scene 1, the films mainly highlight…

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  • The Mise-En-Scene In The Film Hell Or High Water

    the world, for the most part, is established by the film’s mise-en-scene in Hell or High Water. From the dull colors of the cars and houses to the sea of lifeless yellow grass, it’s apparent the interactions between people, contrasted with the monotonous setting, are highlighted as an integral way the mise-en-scene reveals the characters. With the setting emphasizing their isolation, the mise-en-scene invites the viewer to empathize with the hardships the characters face throughout the movie.…

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  • Film Analysis: Elements Of Cinematography And Mise En-Scene

    The scene that will be analyzed is the scene in which Ferrell’s character and Hoffman’s character are in Professor Hilbert’s office, discussing Harold’s inevitable death. This paper will address elements of cinematography and mise-en-scene within the chosen scene. The connections between these elements and the overall theme of the film, and how the theme is developed, will then be discussed. All the elements of cinematography and mise-en-scene contribute to the theme that death is an…

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  • Away From Her And Bear Came Over The Mountain Analysis

    section in which Grant and Fiona go on a walk/ski in a park. The substantial differences between the scene and the passage, range from difference in dialogue to difference in visuals. This section is an excellent example of the drastic differences sometimes found in adaptations, and allows for the presentation of a case for the…

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  • Act 1 Scene 11 Film Script

    Stranded Cast: Mike Wall, Alyssa Hopper, Zachariah Johnson, John Smith Scene 1 ( Everyone in the plane screaming) Mike Wall: (Touches his head slowly) Ouch my head, wait is that blood. Also where am I? Zachariah Johnson : (While shouting to Mike) Hey are you alright? Mike Wall: Yeah I am thanks, do you know where we are? Zachariah Johnson: I don't know, I think we crashed on an island. Can you stand? Mike Wall: Yeah I'm alright, what's your name? Zachariah Johnson: My name is Zachariah…

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  • Lago's Love In Othello

    The characters in the play Othello by Shakespeare depict different attributes from revenge to love. The behavior of Lago is the subject of analysis of the essay. Lago’s attitude towards women and Othello is appalling. He feels an obligation to serve Othello while also accusing him for having an affair with his wife. In Act one, scene three, Lago believes that Othello has slept with his wife. He states; “it is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets/ he has done my office” (1.iii.286). Lago is the…

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  • The Importance Of Being Earnest Play Analysis

    and Algernon. The women never looked at their personality, character, work ethic, etc. The last theme that I could distinguish would be that love always wins. At the end of the play John and Algernon are able to marry the women that they truly love. Even though Algernon’s name wasn’t really “Earnest” Gwendolen still forgave him. The Scenic Design helped me understand the time period the play was taking place. The way the room was decorated helped me conclude John and Algernon’s were somewhat…

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