Behind The Scenes: A Film Analysis

I always say, "There 's nothing like a good indie film." Well, at least, that 's what I say this year. I have only discovered the wonderful world of indie films in the past few months, but I 'm sold. When I happened upon the film How Can I Help? I was intrigued by the title and the premise. Furthermore, when Stephen Kassen (director, producer, writer, etc.) agreed to answer a few questions about the film, I was even more fascinated. With pleasure, he apprised me to a variety of things concerning the film 's purpose, the filming of it, and even what its future may be.

With William Kenny Behind the Scenes
With William Kenny Behind the Scenes RH: First of all, please tell us how you got started in the entertainment business and how you transitioned
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I had written scripts for other directors, and I got tired of them losing interest once they received the scripts. So I took all my scripts back, and now I am directing myself and being a one-man crew most of the time. Adrienne {Stephany} has done co-producing and helps organize the set, so it doesn 't feel like I am one hundred percent alone. That helps with getting stuff done because I spent money on a college education, and I 'm going to use it.

What is the premise of your film How Can I Help? What is the inspiration behind the story?

The premise for How Can I Help? is about a man who is so fed up with Christmas being about gifts and the pressure of buying the right thing that he makes a promise to his friends that he will do one favor for them. He says that instead of gifts, he will do favors for all of December. Some of the favors go well, while others backfire in spectacular fashion.

This is actually something I did back in December when I got fed up with the consumerism of the holiday. I went to the movies on Thanksgiving and saw all the pressure of buying, and everyone looked miserable. Kids were throwing tantrums because of the gifts, and people were running around frantically, yelling at retail workers because they were out of stock. So I decided to give my friends the one thing I couldn’t get back--my

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