Film Analysis: Elements Of Cinematography And Mise En-Scene

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The scene that will be analyzed is the scene in which Ferrell’s character and Hoffman’s character are in Professor Hilbert’s office, discussing Harold’s inevitable death. This paper will address elements of cinematography and mise-en-scene within the chosen scene. The connections between these elements and the overall theme of the film, and how the theme is developed, will then be discussed. All the elements of cinematography and mise-en-scene contribute to the theme that death is an inevitable, inescapable part of every person’s life, and that death itself is an almost mundane topic.
Cinematography is the means by which a film is made. Within the scene, many different techniques are used for emphasis and to highlight the theme of the film. The camera movements, for example, aid the viewer in knowing which characters to focus on, and when. Camera movements also establish where Harold and Professor Hilbert are in relation to each other, whether or not the actors are actually facing each other. This is done by following the 180-degree rule, and by filming a new establishing shot when the characters change their positions. The camera also follows the movements of the actors several times within the scenes, further bringing the attention to the character that the audience should be focusing on.
The distance of the camera from the actors
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The purpose of this normality, and the averageness of it all, is to show that death is a part of everyday life. What the actors are wearing also plays a part in their ability to convey the feelings that accompany talking about death. Ferrell’s outfit makes it able for him to pick at his pants and his costume to show his nervousness about the topic. Once again, this element of mise-en-scene contributes to creating an average feel, almost everyday and mundane, to show that death is an ordinary

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