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  • Statement Of Purpose: There Is No Security In Life

    succeeded in whittling the log of choices down to fewer options. The same goes for the possible careers, though the list itself names fewer specific job opportunities than general fields of expertise. In addition to this, I conducted research on each major and career in order to find the requirements for the individual fields. These include age limits, physical requirements, and course requirements. Despite the difficulties,…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Island Of Zanene

    main village of Verser I get a nice glimpse of the rice fields that dot this small island. You see, here on the Island of Zanene, rice is their livelihood. To them, rice is their life. They have a whole religion set up with Pedia (Goddess of Rice) and Lisia (Goddess of Rain). Everyone at some point in their life has worked on the rice field. The Queen of Zanene is actually rather proud and boasts about her service of working in the fields. Zanene is a matriarchy. There are 4 main classes in…

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  • The Role Of Physics In Ice Hockey

    When I had to pick an article that related to physics is Ice Hockey. I have been playing ice hockey since I was 11 years old, it's a fun sport to play. The article that explains how physics play a role in hockey. In this paper, I will be talking about skating, hockey stick, slapshot, and hockey puck. While a hockey player skate pushes off with his rear leg, a perpendicular energy is exerted on the skate by the ice. The factor of the force that point onward is what thrusts the player forward.…

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  • Malcolm Gladwell Outliers

    Part one looks at opportunity as a function of timing. The birthdates of successful Canadian hockey players and the computer geniuses Billy Joy and Bill Gates both being born in 1950. Part two focuses on cultural legacies. Gladwell focuses on both success and failure. He discusses the “culture of honor” in Appalachia and the rice paddy development…

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  • Vladimir Tarasenko Research Paper

    in his ice hockey career. He is on the St. Louis Blues, and is a right winger, who has the most points on his team. He is from a city in Russia, called Yaroslavl, where he first learned how to play the sport of ice hockey. This is his sixth season with the St. Louis Blues and his sixth season in the National Hockey League. Vladimir Tarasenko was born in Yaroslavl, Russia (The Soviet Union collapsed that year), on December thirteenth, 1991. He is the son of a former Russian hockey star named…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Incredible Sport Of Ice Hockey

    I’ve been playing the incredible sport of Ice Hockey for over 10 years now. Although it has become steadily easier, and more about sharpening skills than developing them, in the beginning it was extremely difficult. The progress I have made since when I first began playing is immeasurable. I have come as far as I have in hockey through all the years of support from my father, because he’s always been happy to watch me play competitively. When I first began he helped me by buying me a brand…

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  • Becoming A Team Leader

    stray from the norm and venture into a different mindset to build a winning team. Although there was some kickback to how Herb was constructing his team, he trusted his intuition because he knew what he wanted in his team. Because he was a former ice hockey player who almost made the Olympic team, Herb studied and had a vision on how he wanted his team to look. In order for the team to produce different results, Herb had to coach the team in a different way. Regardless of any challenges or…

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  • Miracle On Ice: The Greatest Moment In Sports History

    human affairs.” That’s what the dictionary would say, but the accompanying picture would show the 1980 USA Men’s Olympic hockey team with their gloves in the air celebrating their impossible victory over the powerhouse USSR. Widely considered as the greatest moment in sports history, the “Miracle On Ice” saw a group of college kids defeat arguably the greatest international hockey team of all time, the 1980 USSR team, en route to a gold medal. The main reasons why I wish I could have experienced…

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  • Cause Of Violence In Hockey

    article “Our National Blood Sport,” the National Hockey League is an “institution that celebrates violence” given that hockey “was always about dominating or intimidating other players…through skill, or bodychecking, or speed, or fighting.” While we know that violence is common in the National Hockey League, most of us did not know that it was Chara’s hit that caused the emergence of the five-point…

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  • Washington Ice Dog Analysis

    The Washington Ice Dogs is an organization that gives young people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to play ice hockey. Not only does it give them the opportunity to play ice hockey, but the opportunity to learn skills that can help carry them through their lives. Run by volunteers, the Washington Ice Dogs need the support of others to help anchor the organization and allow them to make a difference in lives of these young players. With sacrifice, compassion, and dedication, lives…

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