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  • Skating Analysis Essay On Darda Sosna

    Skating Analysis Daria Sosna initially had little experience with hockey and skating. However, during this course she has been able to apply the physical concepts learned in class to improve her skating technique significantly. Daria tried her best to improve her skills and she was able to maintain a positive attitude throughout this course. Daria’s forward, backward, stopping, crossover, and pivot skating skills will be analyzed below with suggestions on how to improve further. Forward…

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  • College Admissions Essay: The Joy Of Ice Hockey

    the ice for extra practice. I would always watch ice hockey on TV and I would go to the Los Angeles Kings games sometimes. I would look up at them and wish to be just like them one day! I grew up in Glendora, which was not much of a hockey city, but that didn't mean anything to me! It is a bit of a rough drive for my parents to drive out to Ontario every Tuesday nights so a special thanks to them for supporting me with hockey. Hockey runs throughout my family and they have…

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  • Hockey Vs Ice Hockey

    players on the ice at the time, 5-center ice and one goal tender. In ice hockey the arena is much less crowded, and a less variety of skills than in footy. However due to the fact that the game takes place on ice there is much more skill and dexterity on ice that requires much more training. However, the actions done in hockey are quite repetitive, only navigating, passing, and shooting a puck with a hockey stick. However ice hockey seems to breed much more aggression than with footy. Players…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Pond Hockey And Civic Duty

    Pond Hockey and Civic Duty Whether at a stadium with referees and organized periods, or a pick up game with friends on the pond behind my house, I have always enjoyed hockey. However, each of these two styles of play is quite different. A good example of this is when the goalie covers the puck by their goal. In professional hockey, the players are always taught that until the referee blows the whistle, they are to jab their stick at the goalie and his glove in an attempt to knock the puck out…

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  • Why The Hockey Needs Fighting Analysis

    Keim (2012) states that fighting is a crucial element of hockey. Since the argument claimed by the author is located in the second paragraph and the reasons are situated after the argument, the article presents a deductive organization. The three reasons provided by the author to support his thesis statement are: Physical punishment applied by the own players is an effective measure to restrain condemnable behaviour during the match; Hockey is an aggressive game by nature; Brawling solves…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To The Ice Rink

    “Sure bro, I’ll pick you up on Friday for Zumba!” Said Ruben. Little did I know that meeting Ruben would open doors to things that I have never seen before. Meeting him seven months ago at an Ice Skating Rink would change my life forever. Meeting him taught me both that I should branch out to meet new people, and that I should watch who I become friends with. The day I went to the Ice Rink, was a chilly one. Cloudy, cold, and just enough to make your nose run. I had on a long black coat with a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Puck Luck

    Puck Luck It was a boring rainy day outside of the Rogers Arena on March 31st, but on the inside, it was anything else. As over 20 thousand fans were overwhelmed with excitement for my team playing in game seven of the finals for the 2031 Stanley Cup World Championship. However sadly my coach had chosen my goalie partner Braden Holtby to play in the game over me, but for some reason, I was still very nervous about our game against the Russian Rockets. Me and the rest of my team did team warm up…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Travel To The United States

    Time goes by so fast. Looking back, it feels like I was here just few days back, but it has already been a year and I am here in the United States. Before travelling to United States, I had never travelled anywhere outside my country. So, travelling far away from home to a new place in a different continent with a totally different culture was a very big step in my life. Having grown up in a same place for years, I always dreamt about studying abroad, going to new places, and learning about new…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Football Player

    I went into my next year of playing wanting to feel that same excitement I felt that final game. Sophomore year I was picked to try out goal because our JV goalie was now the varsity goalie. I agreed and at first I hated goalie I had to stay in a low position and block the balls from entering the goal. Not to mention the balls were the softest and I have the buries to prove their power. A few weeks later I actually started to enjoy being goalie when we had our first game I was so nervous because…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Violence In Hockey

    Sports have always had an aspect of violence in them and everyone loves a good fight in hockey or a big crunching hit in football; plus, it’s sometimes the only reason people watch. Therefore, it would take too much away from big sports, such as hockey, if there was no violence. On top of that, the athletes would become less competitive in their sport and possibly have less of a competitive drive to play. Why is hockey such a well known sport? It is a well known sport because people not only…

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