The Importance Of Young Girls And Women In Computer Science

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We as a society need to encourage more young girls and women to take an interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In 2009, 48% of the United States workforce was comprised of women while 52% comprised of men (Kimmel et al, 2012). While the slight deviation in percentage seems small, when STEM field jobs were looked at in particular, it was realized that that 76% of the STEM jobs are held be men while women only held on to 24% (Szelényi et al, 2013). In 2010, an average of 14% computer science undergraduate degrees was awarded to women from major research universities.
This lack of women represented in STEM fields can be addressed in simple steps. To begin, young girls’ need to be encouraged and their
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Various studies have shown that female STEM teachers are often more likely to encourage their female students compared to a male teacher (Ehrenberg& Brewer, 1994). It is this encouragement that allows girls to dismiss the bias against their math and science abilities in which teachers offer more learning abilities such as programs that the girls can participate in or to even further academically challenge the girls to higher science and math courses promoting the change against the academic bias (Riegle-Crumb & Humphries, 2012). As these female STEM teachers continue to push their female students, they can also serve as positive reinforcements by communicating feedback, assurance, and guidance in taking interest in science and math …show more content…
In hopes of increasing the amount of women in STEM, North Carolina has implemented STEM programs focused on young girls such as DigiGirlz High Tech Camp, Microsoft Charlotte, Society of Women Engineers Charlotte-Metrolina, and Belmont Abbey-North Belmont Girls in Science; all of which allow girls in various parts of North Carolina. These programs create opportunities that expose girls to the various fields of STEM thereby of sparking their interest and pursuing the diverse fields

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