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  • How To Make A Kite Essay

    Electricity wasn’t invented it is already occurred in the nature. It was just discovered by Benjamin Franklin. His experiments (famous kite experiment) helped in building the connection between the electricity and lightning. In his experiment with kite included a kite with the key tie to the end of kite, which is connected to the Leyden jar. When the lighting struck the kite, the electric current travel down the string through the key and into the Leyden jar. We wonder that “what is there in…

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  • ECG Signal Essay

    CHAPTER 2 2.1 ELECTROCARDIOGRAM The ECG Signal is a graphical representation of the electromechanical activity of system. The various propagation action potentials within the heart produce a current flow, which generates an electrical field that can be detected, in significantly attenuated form, at the body surface, via a differential voltage measurement system. The resulting measurement, when taken with electrodes in standardized locations, is known as the electrocardiogram. The ECG signal is…

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  • Importance Of Flux Density

    Field strength or intensity is the force which maintains the magnetic flux and produces a particular value of the flux density B at that point in a magnetic field. Therefore the flux density is the cause while the flux density (B) is the effect. The flux density can be assumed proportionally to the field intensity in a magnetic field which comes in three parts. First part is: Where U stands for the permeability of force (the measure of the degree to which the magnetic line of force can…

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  • Shell Oil Case Study

    Shell oil began functioning out of Nigeria in 1937 under the name Shell D’Arcy. Upon discovering the first commercial oil field in 1956 in the Niger Delta, Shell Nigeria began exporting oil in the year of 1958 and has been doing so ever since. At one time, oil exportation was seen as a way to transition from relying solely on the agriculture industry for exportation and move into what was thought to be the booming economy of oil. The locals of the Niger Delta area have experienced little to no…

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  • Company Shell Case Study

    Main motives to be present in South-East Asia The Company Shell was created because its founder Mister Zijiker found oil in South-East Asia (Sumatra) in 1883 and since then Shell is active in getting petroleum and natural gas from this region. Due to technological innovations in the industry, the political developments in these countries surrounding Southeast Asia and the arising of Japan as a hotspot for petroleum trade operations led that nowadays Southeast Asia has become the most active area…

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  • Case Study: Direct Current (DC) Motors

    electrical motors are made up of a stationary field referred to a stator and a rotating field referred to a rotor. According to Krishnan, (2010), DC motors operate through the interaction of an electric current with magnetic flux to generate a torque and rotational speed. D.C motors are of different types but they all operate…

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  • Summary Of First They Killed My Father By Loung Ung

    In this memoir of First They Killed My Father by Loung Ung, the narrator faces many difficulties throughout her childhood and and because this is written by Loung as an adult it is very interesting to see her perception of herself at the age of five. This memoir talks about the tragedies that took place during the Khmer Rouge that was led by Pol Pot. Khmer Rouge tore families apart, killed innocent children and left many to die due to famine. Between 1975 and 1978, there was an estimated number…

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  • Mistakes In The Film Forrest Gump

    The main actors in the movie are Tom Hanks portraying Forrest Gump, Robin Wright portraying Jenny Curran, and Sally Field as Ms. Gump. The actors did a good job of acting like southerners in the movie, and they didn’t play out of character; However, there are a few goofs in the movie. As Forrest in the scene where he takes apart his gun and reassembles it, Hanks forgets to use his accent for a few seconds. There are also more mistakes in the movie that no one has seemed to notice. If someone was…

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  • AC Conductivity, Dieedric Loss, And Dielectric Constant

    Electrical Properties AC Conductivity, Ac Resistivity, Dielectric loss, and Dielectric constant are electrical properties and measured as a function of frequency. AC Conductivity and Resistivity AC resistance (ρac) was recorded by LCR meter model 4275 in the frequency range 1MHz to 3GHz. AC conductivity was determined by using the value of Ac resistance. As we know, Ac Conductivity is reciprocal of Ac resistance can be calculated by the relation; ac =1/ρac (6) The variation of AC…

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  • Never Fall Down By Patricia Mccormick: Character Analysis

    Imagine you’re world being turned around from living peacefully and happy to murdering people that you don’t want just to stay alive. This is what people had to go through in Cambodia when Khmer Rouge, a radical Communist regime, came to power in 1975. They started to move people in the countryside and made everyone work, even childrens. Millions of people died by starvation and sickness. In Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick, people’s physiological states changes three ways, person's…

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