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  • Context, Environment And Culture In Occupational Therapy

    Context, environment and culture are all very important aspects in occupational therapy and in the lives of every day people. In order to be occupational beings and have the best possible quality of life, it is important to have a balance of these three elements. Environment, context, and culture can either hinder or facilitate both occupational performance and participation. The environment consists of both a physical aspect and a social aspect. Context refers to the specific conditions that…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Plastic Pollution

    Packaging is significant both to consumers and producers. To the consumer, excellent packaging means good storage of products; thus, preventing them from contamination(Schafer, 2015). For instance, no one would want to eat poorly packaged food that may be subjected to contamination. The consequences may be dire and costly. Different materials have been used for product packages, but plastics lead the way in terms of the most frequently used packaging material by many industries globally. A large…

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  • Summary Of The Green Collar Economy

    There has been an unprecedented amount of evidence that our Earth is heating up due to global warming causing hard to repair damage to the world. According to Van Jones, author of The Green Collar Economy we must take action now. The rising temperatures are melting the ice caps at alarming rates they are also allowing there to be a rise in bacterial plant diseases that ruin crops, and disease carrying insects. These insects can ruin more crops, as they are active for a much longer time. We…

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  • Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

    Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is an environmental science handbook whose concern is the environment and life on earth. The author uses her book to turn in to the harmful effects of pesticides on the environment. Rachel mainly handles DDT and pesticides administered to American environment through aerial spraying in attempts to control insect populations over large areas. This paper seeks to summarize Carson’s Silent Spring and capture its informative nature in a global perspective. The essay…

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  • The Darkening Sea By Rachel Carson Analysis

    In the Short Essay “ The Obligation to Endure” Rachel Carson informs people in general to the threats of current mechanical contamination. She expounds on the destructive results of deadly materials being discharged into nature. There is a wide range of ways that contamination can hurt nature, from the atomic blasts releasing dangerous chemicals into the air to the venomous pesticides showered on plants that executes vegetation and sickens dairy cattle. The changes in accordance with these…

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  • Hobbesian And The Virtue Ethics Theory

    A similar ethical theory that shapes government sustainability is Hobbesian. Hobbesian is similar to ethical egoism in the fact that self-interest is part of human nature, but Hobbesian believes that without government intervention to keep the self-interest in check chaos would ensue (Jennings, 2015, p.12). Landfills are a great example of Hobbesian in the government’s impact on sustainability. Without government intervention society would disregard proper waste disposal and turn to whatever is…

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  • Inglehart's Argument Analysis

    In her paper, Good (2007) examines the links between TV viewing and attitudes about the natural environment (p. 365). Previous research from different parts of the World revealed that heavier TV viewers showed a lower degree of environmental concern and less interest in the natural environment than lighter TV viewers (p. 365) and that heavier TV viewers were more likely to be materialistic than lighter TV viewers (p. 366). Since previous research did not offer any explanation for the…

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  • Biologist Of Gorongosa Movie Analysis

    Persuasive Essay The movie ‘The Guide: The Biologist of Gorongosa’ exhibits how the citizens of developing countries are affected by their environment. An important question that is posed through the movie is should these citizens of developing countries care about their environment or focus more on surviving and creating a better economy. I believe that the environment is more important than becoming more affluent. In order to build a better economy, we should focus on educating the denizens…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: Monsanto Pcbs

    MONSANTO PCB POISONOUS CHEMICALS Introduction Over the years, various states have integrated chemical companies into their environmental conservation and chemical safety agenda. This intervention is done to make sure that the companies comply with safety specifications and that the products they make are environmentally friendly. In this manner, the environment is kept clean not only for today but also for the future generation. However, making decisions to safeguard the environment against the…

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  • The Definition Of Economy In Walden By Henry David Thoreau

    I took the name of this chapter from the first chapter of Walden. The word, Economy, sounds improper word for those two books, The Old Man and The Sea and Walden, because they focus on the life in the nature, such the wood and the sea. However, Economy in the Walden is the most important chapter to understand whole chapters, and the word, Economy, has a different meaning from the capitalistic economy. It seems that their Economy is more like ecosystem than economy. It describes their life style.…

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