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  • The Public Trust Doctrine

    The Public Trust Doctrine is an agreement between the public and the government. The government’s duty is to hold and manage wildlife, fish, and waterways for its resources and the public. The Public Trust Doctrine is also recognized as the foundation for the “North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.” This model is viewed as an important concept of the law, policy and scientific research that has led to the protection, conservation and restoration of resources in the United States. The…

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  • How Does Human Overpopulation Affect The Environment

    The focus of this essay will be on the environmental issue human overpopulation. In this essay, I will talk about how human overpopulation has affected the environment that we live in and how if there are no changes that might happen it will become harder and harder to sustain human lives. Resources are already limited because of human overpopulation. Human overpopulation is caused by many factors in which I will talk about and explain how they have affected the environment in a negative way.…

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  • Physical Education Program Analysis

    The following report outlines the strategies implemented and significant factors considered in developing an effective physical education program for the first grade class at Hills Academy*. Hills Academy is a small co-educational school catering for K-5 in a unique wetland environment. It provides a learning environment, which boosts a love of the outdoors. Children love to play and be active. This program has been designed to encourage these first graders to develop an interest in living a…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Going Green

    Pollution, acid rain, toxic waste, global warming, sustainability, recycling; these terms are thrown into society and people start to believe there may not be a solution to the endless usage of oil, buildup of landfills, and seepage of chemicals into rivers. While there will always be individuals who fight against the possibility of going green, it just takes one individual at a time to make a difference. From the simple solution of planting a garden suggested by Pollan to the extensive research…

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  • Disasters In Haiti

    The place we call home, Earth. When we think of earth we think of all the positive things it provides for us, like a place to live, water to drink, and food to eat. Only when the horrible disaster happen is when we start to think about the actual heart breaking things the earth can do to us. Sometimes the earth is cruel to us, and their simply isnt anything that humans can do to stop disatsters that happen. The earth that all humans call home, can actually be the one thing that completly destoys…

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  • Deer Advertisement

    The “Deer” advertisement, for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) magazine, shows a picture of a deer covered in waste. The deer stands on top of land filled with trash, that once use to be its home. On the bottom of this advertisement reads the text “Rubbish can be recycled. Nature cannot.” Land pollution includes various types of rubbish we make at home, school, hospitals, markets and workplaces. Items like papers, plastics, cans, even used cars and broken electronic goods and broken furniture are all…

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  • A Walk In The Woods Analysis

    The environment is ever changing, therefore has no absolute definition but at the same time has infinite definitions. How do you define something that is everything? It’s hard to put a definition on something that is so broad. Everywhere we look we see the environment, everything we do involves the environment. The environment is everywhere. From when you first wake up in the morning, you notice the sound of birds chirping and the sun shining. That is a simplest form of the environment. One of…

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  • Comparison Of Silent Spring And Garbage Wars

    As the environment becomes increasingly more in danger, problems start to arise within human communities as well as within the communities of all living organisms. The impact of these complications prompts the need for establishing a solution. However, the results of these human created solutions can lead to further social and environmental crises. For instance, the two excerpts from the books, “Garbage Wars” written by David Pellow and “Silent Spring” written by Rachel Carson, display how…

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  • Pharma Care Case Analysis

    Describe the key characteristics of a stakeholder and determine all the stakeholders within the PharmaCARE scenario. According to businessdictionary.com stakeholders is defines as any “person, group, or organization that has interest or concern in an organization”. The stakeholders in the scenario would be PharmaCARE executives and the employees, both domestically and overseas. CompCARE and its executives and employees, the Pharma board of directors, the foundation, the country of Colberia, the…

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  • Wildlife Tourism Really Lead To Sustainability Or Is It Utopian Idea?

    Wildlife tourism is becoming more and more attractive recreational activity as a part of nature-based tourism. “The United Nations Environment Programme/Convention on Migratory Species (2006) claims that the demand for nature experiences is growing worldwide at a faster rate than tourism in general” (Susanna Curtin, 2010, p. 219). Therefore, there is strong necessity in wildlife tourism impact investigation. Does wildlife tourism actually lead to sustainability or is it utopian idea? In order to…

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