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  • Macro Environment: Social And Socioeconomic Factors In The Apple Company

    MACRO ENVIORNMENT: Macro environmental factors are those uncontrollable external factors that affect the company’s decision making process. These factors include demographic, socio-cultural, economic, political-legal and also the natural factors. Demographic factors – Demographic factors include age, sex, religion, location, density, occupation etc. Apple Company has 217 stores in United Stated and about 273 stores worldwide. Apple Company has a total of about 36,800 employees. 2,500 are…

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  • Negatives Of Ecotourism

    Ecotourism, an alternative tourism, is more than merely sightseeing. One of the most commonly recognized early definitions of ecotourism was introduced by Ceballos-Lascura. It states, “Traveling to relatively undisturbed or uncontaminated natural areas with the specific objective of studying, admiring, and enjoying the scenery and its wild plants and animals, as well as any existing cultural manifestations (both past and present) found in these areas.” In short, it is a term largely used to…

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  • Coconut Bliss Case Study

    3.2: Marketing plan for Coconut Bliss Marketing plan is the blueprint of the future marketing actions after analysing the factors affecting marketing directly or indirectly. Following is a marketing plan designed for Coconut Bliss: Environmental analysis with the help of situational analysis tools: Environmental analysis is meant for betterment of business by providing framework for the planning. It is helpful and easy to use for any type of business (Michael, 2013). Following are the…

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  • Movie Analysis: The Mountain Thief

    Plagued by tremendous amounts of landfills full of trash, daily methane gas, and poverty would be a great description for the suburbs of Payatas in the Philippines. Just outside of the capital of Manila is the god-forsaken town of Payatas. Manila is home to almost eleven million people and the town of Payatas is known as dumping ground for the city. Surrounded by crime, pollution, extreme poverty and death, Payatas seems to have every third world countries problems to get ahead, if only other…

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  • Rachel Carson The Silent Spring Analysis

    Ernest Umandap Ms. Matteson ENGL-1302.02 12 February 2018 A Close Inspection of Rachel Carson’s Report: The use of chemicals as pesticides was not as prominent as it was in the 1960s when it was diligently sprayed by civilians in almost everything. From crops to insects to birds, everything was contaminated with chemicals such as DDT. One certain marine biologist and writer, Rachel Carson, decided to reveal the heavy truth about the effects of chemicals in her book: The Silent Spring (in…

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  • The Serpents Of Paradise: An Elegy By Mary Oliver

    Kindred and Coexisting As humans develop, the need to expand increases. Some of this increase causes the destruction of nature on the very foundation in which the new buildings and complexes stand. In the two pieces of writing, The Serpents of Paradise by Edward Abbey and Wasteland: An Elegy by Mary Oliver, the authors examine their own personal experiences with nature. In order to show that humans should treat nature with care, the authors narrate their story in first person, but choose…

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  • Between Poverty, Inequality, And Environmental Sustainability

    The Interconnectedness between Poverty, Inequity & Environmental Sustainability Income inequality and poverty has an adverse impact on environmental stability. This research paper will examine the relationship that exists between poverty, inequality, and environmental sustainability. The effects on environmental sustainability will be measured using factors such as food and water consumption, waste generation, and loss of biodiversity. According to a study conducted by the United Nations in 2015…

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  • Causes And Disadvantages Of Air Pollution Essay

    Air Pollution Air pollution is very dangerous to humans’ health and it has a lot of damaging effects on the environment as well, I will try to give a small amount of facts and information about the air pollution and its effects and how to fight it properly. Air pollution is when the air is filled with foreign substances, and these substances could be anything or in any state like gases or liquids or solids, it’s just once they are foreign to the natural air mixture then they are polluting.…

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  • Importance Of Environmental Environment In Bengeri Proverbs

    ENVIRONMENTAL ADDRESS IN BENGALI PROVERBS ABSTRACT Proverbs as the itemized speech genres play an essential role in the cultural system of a certain society. People especially native speakers reveal their linguistic proficiency and the eco-cultural knowledge by using appropriate proverbs whenever they need. The present paper through descriptive- analytic method and content analysis aims to reveal the inscribed environmental discourses in Bengali proverbs. The results indicated that Bengali…

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  • R. V. Toronto Electric Commissioners Case Study

    I have been asked to provide my legal opinion on the event where sand was discharged from Elmira Aggregate Ltd. (EAL) stockpiles onto Jennifer Shantz’s adjacent property and into a small waterway. More specifically, on weather EAL has breached section 15(1) of the Environmental Protection Act (“EPA”) by failing to notify the Ministry of a discharge of a contaminant. As rationalized below, I believe that EAL has breached its legal obligation to comply with s.15 of the EPA as they did not…

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